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Het Strijkijzer Het Strijkijzer is a project of Vestia, a Dutch residential corporation which is working together with De Compaan to employ mentally handicapped people in various capacities in laundry, ironing and catering.
Jacob Collaert He was responsible for the capture of destruction of at least 150 fishing vessels, bringing 945 captured sailors back to his base in Dunkirk for ransom. A leading admiral over the next decade, he would have later encounters with other Dutch corsairs of the period including Captain Claes Compaan who escaped from him after sighting the corsair off the Spanish coast.
Claes Gerritszoon Compaen Claes Gerritszoon Compaen (1587, Oostzaan, North Holland - 25 February 1660, Oostzaan), also called Claas Compaan or Klaas Kompaan, was a 17th-century Dutch corsair and merchant. Dissatisfied as a privateer for the Dutch Republic, he later turned to piracy capturing hundreds of ships operating in Europe, the Mediterranean and West Africa during the 1620s.
Optical recording The Philips development of the videodisc technology began in 1969 with efforts by Dutch physicists Klaas Compaan and Piet Kramer to record video images in holographic form on disc. Their prototype Laserdisc shown in 1972 used a laser beam in reflective mode to read a track of pits using an FM video signal. Together with MCA, Philips brought the optical videodisk to market in 1978. The cooperation between Philips and MCA did not last long, and discontinued after a few years.
James Russell (inventor) It is debatable to say whether Russell's concepts, patents, prototypes, and literature instigated and in some measure guided the optical digital revolution. Early optical recording technology, which forms the physical basis of videodisc, CD and DVD technology, was first published/filed by Dr. David Paul Gregg in 1958 and Philips researchers, Kramer and Compaan, in 1969. Russell's optical digital inventions were available publicly from 1970.
Claes Gerritszoon Compaen In 1626 or 1627, Compaan returned to Salé with a number of recently captured prizes. While there, he was told he had been granted a pardon from the Netherlands. He sailed immediately for home, only four days before a Dutch fleet arrived looking to apprehend him. Stopping to drop off some of his crew in Ireland, he arrived in Vlie and officially received his pardon from Prince Frederik Hendrik in the Hague. He apparently found less success in his later years, eventually dying a pauper in Oostzanen on 25 February 1660.
Albert Eduard Stoové Rest, 1st Lt. Tideman, 1st Lt. Benjamins, Sgt. Adam and Sgt. van Kempen. While under heavy enemy fire the pilots dropped their bombs on several Japanese battle ships and gunned the landing crafts during three runs. Van Rest's aircraft (B-3131) got hit multiple times and after return had to stay on the ground. In almost the same garrison as the first attack (except for Capt. van Rest and Sgt. van Kempen who got replaced with Sgt. Compaan) the brewsters took off for a second attack wave at 07:45. During this run 1st Lt. Benjamins and Sgt. Stoové were instructed to shoot as much as possible Japanese infantry which was landing on the beach. In three runs they gunned and killed tens of dozens Japanese soldiers. On the way back Stoové had to deal with some engine problems but returned safely.