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Baila Comigo Baila Comigo is a Brazilian telenovela produced and broadcast by Rede Globo. It premiered on 16 March 1981 and ended on 25 September 1981, with a total of 167 episodes. It's the twenty sixth "novela das oito" to be aired on the timeslot. It is created and written by Manoel Carlos and directed by Roberto Talma.
Dança comigo (Vem ser feliz) As Portugal had not qualified for the final in the previous Contest, the song was performed in the semi-final. Here, it was performed seventeenth, following the Czech Republic's Kabát with "Malá dáma" and preceding Macedonia's Karolina with "Mojot svet". At the close of voting, it had received 88 points, placing 11th in a field of 28 and missing out on qualifying for the final by only 3 points. The result was Portugal's best finish since the introduction of the semi-final in 2004 and in fact resulted in the country, typically known for finishing well out of contention, becoming the most successful Western European entrant in the semi-final.
Dança comigo (Vem ser feliz) "Dança comigo (Vem ser feliz)" ("Dance with me (Come be happy)") was the Portuguese entry in the Eurovision Song Contest 2007, performed in Portuguese, French, Spanish and English by Sabrina after she was voted the winner of the 2007 edition of "Festival da Canção", the national selection final.
Dança comigo (Vem ser feliz) The song is a moderately up-tempo, Latin-inspired number. Sabrina sings about how much she loves a guy and invites him to join her forever.
Dança comigo (Vem ser feliz) The song was succeeded as Portuguese representative at the 2008 contest by Vânia Fernandes with "Senhora do mar (Negras águas)".
Coisas de nada (Gonna Make You Dance) The song was succeeded as Portuguese representative by Sabrina with "Dança comigo".
Portugal in the Eurovision Song Contest 2007 The host of Festival da Canção was Pavilhão Atlântico, and the winner was Sabrina with the song "Dança comigo".
Beija Sapo It's the highest-rated show on the channel and was made to replace "Fica Comigo" (which was the highest-rated show on the channel before "Beija Sapo").
Banda Calypso na Amazônia The show also recalled Joelma of his time in the band "Fazendo Arte" to rewrite "Brincou Comigo", a song she sang alongside Kim Marques. Soon the show ended with the song "Paquera", and had a simple but emotional farewell.
Adriane Garcia Later Garcia took part in the third session of the Brazilian reality show "Casa dos Artistas". She then released her debut album, "Vem Ficar Comigo", in early 2004. In 2007 she was chosen as the presenter for the Record Internacional's TV show "Sucesso", in Portugal.