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Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for comida

Article Example
Richard Anderson (politician) Member, Governor’s Commission on Military Installations and Defense Activities (COMIDA)
Downtown Urban Arts Festival La Comida written and directed by Edward Pomerantz
Sérgio Britto Britto has co-composed the majority of Titãs' songs, including hits like "Marvin", "Homem Primata", "Comida", "Miséria" and "Epitáfio".
Lviv Cheese and Wine Festival Aquí, en la sede, estamos en una misión para traer la deliciosa comida y bebida para todos.
Buffet In Brazil, "comida a quilo" or "comida por quilo" — literally, "food by [the] kilo" — restaurants are common. This is a cafeteria style buffet in which diners are billed by the weight of the food selected, excluding the weight of the plate. Brazilian cuisine's "rodízio" style is all-you-can-eat, having both non-self-service and self-service variations.
Eye dialect In the Chilean comic "Mampato", the character Ogú replaces hard ⟨c⟩ with ⟨k⟩ (e.g. ⟨komida⟩ instead of ⟨comida⟩), to show that his accent is strange.
Brazilian cuisine A simple and usually inexpensive option, which is also advisable for vegetarians, is comida a quilo or comida por quilo restaurants (literally "food by kilo value"), a buffet where food is paid for by weight. Another common style is the all-you-can-eat restaurant where customers pay a prix fixe. In both types (known collectively as "self-services"), customers usually assemble the dishes of their choice from a large buffet.
Bill Reilich While in the legislature, Reilich served on the Planning and Economic Development Committee and rose to become the chairman of the Ways and Means Committee. He also served on the board of the County of Monroe Industrial Development Agency (COMIDA).
Ephedra pedunculata Ephedra pedunculata, common name Clap-weed, vine Mormon tea or Comida de Vívora, is a plant species native to southern Texas and to Mexico as far south as Zacatecas. It grows in sandy or rocky slopes and outcrops.
Diamondog In 2005 Diamondog was part of the CD "Comida de Comer" ("Food to Eat")philanthropic album organized by Podé Nastasia, which also participated musicians and groups such as Uakti, Marina Machado (Milton Nascimento backing vocal), Glauco Nastasia among others.