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colorexample    0.801460

changecolorin    0.760690

pinklight    0.711440

inslight    0.707513

colorthe    0.701000

colorwhite    0.692917

changeslight    0.688137

pinkbright    0.687435

purpledeep    0.684504

darkerslightly    0.684054

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Rubia tinctorum The pulverised roots can be dissolved in sulfuric acid, which leaves a dye called "garance" (the French name for madder) after drying. Another method of increasing the yield consisted of dissolving the roots in sulfuric acid after they had been used for dyeing. This produces a dye called "garanceux". By treating the pulverized roots with alcohol, colorin was produced. It contained 40–50 times the amount of alizarin of the roots.
Fernando Altamirano Altamirano registered for the first time the cholinergic activity of seeds of the "colorin" tree ("erythrina coralloides"), an activity that he suggested was due to the presence of an unknown alkaloid, which he called erythroidine. He conducted studies on the properties of the "erythrina coralloides" with Manuel Dominguez in 1877, and individually in 1888. Erythroidine was completely isolated until 1937 by Karl Folkers and Randolph T. Majors.