Top 10 similar words or synonyms for colonised

colonized    0.786350

exterminated    0.673855

outcompeted    0.653358

inhabited    0.628901

inhabiting    0.627412

colonising    0.622091

colonise    0.619007

recolonised    0.618845

colonizes    0.615380

subjugated    0.614076

Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for colonised

Article Example
Petinesca In those times the area was already well colonised.
Tree sponge This sponge is often colonised by a white zoanthid, "Parazoanthus" sp.
The Theory of Communicative Action According to Habermas, "lifeworlds" become colonised by steering media when four things happen:
Thomas Warner (explorer) The French colonised Martinique (1635), the Guadeloupe archipelago (1635), and St. Barths (1648).
Clachan Bridge The south wall of the bridge has been colonised by fairy foxglove ("Erinus alpinus").
List of birds of Thailand The Java sparrow has been introduced by humans, and the cattle egret has naturally colonised.
Siamoperadectes After the extinction of "Siamoperadectes", Australian-derived bear cuscuses ("Ailurops") colonised Indonesian islands.
Rugby union in Anguilla Rugby was introduced to Anguilla by the British who colonised the area.
Immigration to Argentina The Spanish migration flows which conquered and colonised the area that is now Argentina were mainly three:
Helvella lacunosa Some specimens have a white moldy appearance, having been colonised by the parasitic Ascomycete fungus "Hypomyces cervinigenus".