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segrate    0.828511

paderno_dugnano    0.814347

lissone    0.811071

cinisello_balsamo    0.811015

vimercate    0.808774

buccinasco    0.804370

cernusco_sul_naviglio    0.803652

abbiategrasso    0.800801

garbagnate_milanese    0.800184

lainate    0.799328

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Article Example
Cologno Monzese Sights in Cologno include Villa Casati, the seat of the comune, and San Giuliano, a medieval Romanesque church. Part of the commune is included in the Media Valle del Lambro Park.
Cologno Monzese The town is served by three stations of the Milan Metro: Cologno Nord (North), Cologno Centro (Centre) and Cologno Sud (South).
Cologno Monzese After being subject for a long time to the influence exerted by San Maurizio al Lambro (which is now part of the municipality as a hamlet) Cologno received the honorary title of city with a presidential decree on September 19, 1996.
Cologno Monzese The TV studios of Mediaset and some radio networks (RTL 102.5, Radio Italia and Radio TRS) are located here.
Cologno Monzese Cologno Monzese is a "comune" (municipality) in the Metropolitan City of Milan in the Italian region of Lombardy, located about northeast of Milan.
Cologno Monzese The population increased substantially after World War II, when many people from Southern Italy settled here, (especially from Apulia).
Cologno Monzese The nearest airport is Linate, in Milan, but Malpensa is not far. Cologno is also linked up with Milan by the Tangenziale Est, an orbital motorway that surrounds the capital city of Lombardy.
Vimodrone Vimodrone borders the following municipalities: Cologno Monzese, Cernusco sul Naviglio, Milan, Pioltello, Segrate.
Cologno Nord (Milan Metro) The station was opened 7 June 1981 with the opening of the Cologno Monzese branch.
Cologno Sud (Milan Metro) The station was opened 7 June 1981 with the opening of the Cologno Monzese branch.