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Marie Collart She was born in Brussels. Collart was primarily self-taught as an artist, but benefited from the advice of Alfred Verwee, and the art dealer and critic . She became a founding member of the Société Libre des Beaux-Arts in 1868. In 1870, she won a gold medal at the Salon des artistes français. In 1871, Collard married Edmond Henrotin, an artillery captain; he died in 1894. She became the first women to be named a Chevalier in the Belgian Order of Leopold in 1880. She won gold medals at exhibitions in Ghent (1881) and in Brussels (1897).
Marie Collart Marie Collart (December 6, 1842 – October 18, 1911) was a Belgian artist who mainly painted landscapes and animals.
Marie Collart Her work is included in the collections of the Royal Museum of Fine Arts Antwerp and Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium.
Augusta Viromanduorum Jean-Luc Collart, « Saint-Quentin », dans Blaise Pichon, "Carte archéologique de la Gaule – l’Aisne – 02", Paris, 2002, p. 378-404.
Léon de la Fontaine He married Anne Marie Jos. Fr. Collart (1827–1893), the daughter of Charles Joseph Collart (1775–1841), on 27 February 1852. He was the son of Gaspard-Théodore-Ignace de la Fontaine and the brother of Edmond de la Fontaine ("Dicks") and of Alphonse de la Fontaine.
Augusta Viromanduorum Jean-Luc Collart, « Le déplacement du chef-lieu des "Viromandui" au Bas-Empire, de Saint-Quentin à Vermand », "Revue Archéologique de Picardie", 3/4-1984, p. 245-250.
Bettembourg Castle The oldest part of the castle is the south wing which housed stables and barns. The north wing, now the main part of the U-shaped complex, was added later. In about 1759, Jean-Henri de Zievel charged the architect Rousselet de Boulay with major restoration work. In 1765, on the death of the last member of the De Zievel family, the castle fell into the hands of the castle manager, Marc-Antoine de Verniolles. Various proprietors followed including members of the Hohenzollern-Hechingen-Haigerloch family (1780), Charles Joseph Collart de Donnea, owner of the Dommeldange iron works (1807), followed by various members of the Collart family until 1971. When his wife, Daisy Collart-Weber, died in 1969, August Collart decided to sell the property. The commune of Bettembourg bought the property in 1971 and, after undertaking extensive restoration and reconstruction work, opened the building as the Bettembourg town hall in 1991.
Coups de roulis "Coups de Roulis" was recorded in full and released in October 1963 with the Chorale Lyrique and Orchestre Lyrique de l'O.R.T.F. conducted by Marcel Cariven, with Lina Dachary, Claudine Collart, Gaston Rey, Aimé Doniat, Jacques Pruvost and René Lenoty.
Passionnément "Passionnément" was recorded in July 1964 with the Orchestre Lyrique de l'O.R.T.F. conducted by J-P Kreder, with Lina Dachary, Christiane Arbell, Claudine Collart, Aimé Doniat, Dominique Tirmont, Gérard Friedmann, Hiéronimus and René Lénoty.
L'ivrogne corrigé The work was recorded in Paris in 1950 with Jean-Christophe Benoît (Mathurin), Bernard Demigny (Lucas), Claudine Collart (Colette), Freda Betti (Mathurine) and Jean Hoffmann (Cléon / Pluton), conducted by René Leibowitz.