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tayassu_pecari    0.900356

white_lipped_peccary    0.895017

tapirus_terrestris    0.882820

maned_wolf    0.880905

tayassu    0.870557

cougar_puma_concolor    0.868888

brazilian_tapir    0.868215

tajacu    0.868140

nine_banded_armadillo    0.868010

coyote_canis_latrans    0.862198

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Collared peccary The collared peccary ("Pecari tajacu") is a species of mammal in the family Tayassuidae found in North, Central, and South America. They are commonly referred to as javelina, saíno or báquiro, although these terms are also used to describe other species in the family. The species is also known as the musk hog. In Trinidad, it is colloquially known as quenk.
Collared peccary Although they usually ignore humans, they will react if they feel threatened. They defend themselves with their tusks. A collared peccary will release a strong musk or give a sharp bark if it is alarmed.
Collared peccary The collared peccary stands around tall at the shoulder and is about long. It weighs between . The dental formula is as followed: 2/3,1/1,3/3,3/3. The collared peccary has small tusks that point toward the ground when the animal is upright. It also has slender legs with a robust or stocky body. The tail is often hidden in the coarse fur of the peccary.
Collared peccary Collared peccaries are diurnal creatures that live in groups of up to 50 individuals, averaging between 6 and 9 members. They sleep in burrows, often under the roots of trees, but sometimes can be found in caves or under logs. However, collared peccaries are not completely diurnal. In central Arizona they are often active at night, but less so in daytime.
Collared peccary Although somewhat related to the pigs and frequently referred to as one, this species and the other peccaries are no longer classified in the pig family, Suidae.
Collared peccary The collared peccary is a widespread creature found throughout much of the tropical and subtropical Americas, ranging from the Southwestern United States to northern Argentina in South America. The only Caribbean island where it is native, however, is Trinidad. It inhabits deserts and xeric shrublands, tropical and subtropical grasslands, savannas, and shrublands, flooded grasslands and savannas, tropical and subtropical dry broadleaf forests, and several other habitats, as well. In addition, it is well adapted to habitats shared by humans, merely requiring sufficient cover; they can be found in cities and agricultural land throughout their range, where they consume garden plants. Notable populations are known to exist in the suburbs of Phoenix and Tucson, Arizona.
Collared peccary Collared peccaries normally feed on cactus, mesquite beans, fruits, roots, tubers, palm nuts, grasses, invertebrates, and small vertebrates. In areas inhabited by humans, they will also consume cultivated crops and ornamental plants, such as tulip bulbs.
Maurício Dantas Private Natural Heritage Ecological Reserve Fauna include tamandua, seriema, rock cavy, guan, collared peccary, fox and possibly jaguar.
Niabi Zoo North American area: Endangered red wolves, bald eagles, bobcats, American bison, wapiti, and collared peccary
Caqueta moist forests There are 189 species of mammals including tapir ("Tapirus terrestris"), collared peccary ("Tayassu tajacu") and white-lipped peccary ("Tayassu pecari").