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American Enka Company Today what began as the ENKA in Asheville, North Carolina and the part that became Colbond with its overseas plants are now divisions of London, England-based Low & Bonar. Colbond, Inc., in Asheville is the only "Low & Bonar" holding in the United States. Plans were announced in 2008 to expand its Asheville Geosynthetics department. Some of the ENKA's manufacturing operations in the United States became part of Union Carbide, a Dow chemical subsidiary. Whatever ENKA manufacturing operations BASF still had in Asheville, North Carolina had been phased out in 2008 and moved to other manufacturing sites.
Enka, North Carolina It was said that stricter environmental regulations led to a decline in rayon, and American Enka sold the plant to BASF in 1985. BASF sold the plant to Colbond Inc. in 2000, and as of 2007, rayon was no longer made. The northern section was sold to developers who tore down everything but the clock tower. Enka Lake became Biltmore Lake, part of Biltmore Farms, and three buildings became the Enka campus of Asheville–Buncombe Technical Community College.
American Enka Company During the mid-1990s AkzoNobel purchased back a portion of the BASF operation and it was named "AkzoNobel Nonwovens". It began to produce a nonwoven named Colback which was/is used in carpet backing, automotive and industrial applications and Geosynthetics Products used in the building and environmental markets. After AkzoNobel's acquisition of Britain's Courtaulds Fibers in 1998, a new company was formed in 2000 that combined "Courtaulds Fibers" and AkzoNobel Nonwovens to successively become Colbond. Actually AkzoNobel divested all of its fibers division in 2000 to form a new company called "Acordia" based in Spondon, England, but its management was still located in Arnhem, Netherlands, home of AkzoNobel.