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Qualquer Coisa Qualquer Coisa is a 1975 studio album by Caetano Veloso. The album was released simultaneously with "Jóia". The cover art, with four pictures of Veloso on it, makes reference to The Beatles's "Let It Be" cover. In the album, Veloso covers three Beatles's songs, "Eleanor Rigby", "For No One" and "Lady Madonna".
Coisa de Acender Orchestra members (in "A rota do indivíduo (Ferrugem)"):
Coisa de Acender Coisa de Acender is a 1992 album of the Brazilian singer and songwriter Djavan released by Sony Music.
Coisa de Acender Praised by critics and musicians, the album features to be more pop than the previous ones. Among the successes are their first four tracks: "Se..." (one of his biggest hits, scored by the 1990s, with a romantic character, and it was played on the radio in Brazil), "Boa Noite"," "A Rota do Indíviduo" (which was created by Subtitled "ferrugem" after, the partnership with Orlando Morais, packed a style that Djavan was already showing there back in his career) and "Linha do Equador" (recorded by Caetano Veloso in the future).
Cantiga da Garvaia algo, mesmo que sem valor. (correa: coisa sem valor)
Blood Curse (film) Coisa Ruim is a 2006 Portuguese supernatural horror film directed by Tiago Guedes and Frederico Serra.
Italiana (album) "Marrakesh" is the Italian version of the 1975 song "Qualquer coisa" by Caetano Veloso.
List of placeholder names by language The verb "coisar" (formed by a derivation of "coisa", "thing", is often used to replace any verb that expresses actions.
List of placeholder names by language Common placeholders for objects in Brazilian Portuguese are "treco", "troço", "bagulho", "parada", "coisa", "trem" and "negócio", among others. In European Portuguese "coiso" (masculine of "coisa", thing, and not a real word) or "cena" are often used. In the 2000s, "coiso" ("thingy") has also been borrowed as slang into Brazilian Portuguese, mainly among the young.
Carlos Lyra Lyra's most famous compositions include "Coisa Mais Linda", "Você e Eu", "Maria Ninguém" (once claimed by Jacqueline Kennedy to be her favorite song), and "Influência do Jazz".