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Christiane Cohendy Christiane Cohendy is a French film and theatre actress. She appeared in more than thirty films since 1980.
Caudron C.27 A C.128 came second in the 1926 Zenith Cup and in September 1927 one carried five people to win a competition at a rally in Auvergne. In September 1927 a C.128 won a prize by carrying five people. In September 1928 pilots Mauler and Baud, with cameraman Cohendy set out on a flight, made in stages of about from Paris to the Cape of Good Hope via the West African coast. The flight was organised by "Le Peit Paisien" newspaper and by Paramount films, for whom Cohendy recorded their journey their journey. It was the first flight from France to the Cape. They then flew back to Paris after a round trip of about .
Denis Diderot French author Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt wrote a play titled "Le Libertin" ("The Libertine") which imagines a day in Diderot's life including a fictional sitting for a woman painter which becomes sexually charged but is interrupted by the demands of editing the "Encyclopédie". It was first staged at Paris' Théâtre Montparnasse in 1997 starring Bernard Giraudeau as Diderot and Christiane Cohendy as Madame Therbouche and was well received by critics.