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Article Example
Alan Wilder In the spring of 2000, Recoil released "Liquid" which this time featured fellow Mute artist Diamanda Galás, 1940s gospel crooners the Golden Gate Jubilee Quartet, along with New York spoken-word performers Nicole Blackman and Samantha Coerbell.
Selected (album) Selected is the first compilation album released by the British musical project Recoil, fronted by Alan Wilder, released on April 19, 2010. The album features an eclectic mixture of vocalists including: Diamanda Galás, Joe Richardson, Douglas McCarthy, Samantha Coerbell, Siobhan Lynch, Toni Halliday, Nicole Blackman, Maggie Estep and Carla Trevaskis.
Liquid (Recoil album) Recoil again picked a diverse set guest vocalists - internationally acclaimed (and fellow Mute artist) Diamanda Galás, 1940s gospel singers the Golden Gate Jubilee Quartet, New York spoken word performers Nicole Blackman and Samantha Coerbell, and Catalan narrator (and Recoil fan) Rosa Torras. Additional musicians utilized were Curve's Dean Garcia (bass) and Steve Monti (drums), Ian Dury and the Blockheads' Merlin Rhys-Jones (guitar), and Miranda Sex Garden's Hepzibah Sessa (violin).