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Coatl Coatl (also spelled cohuatl, couatl, or cuatl) is a Nahuatl word meaning "serpent" or "twin" (modern Nahuatl pronunciation ). It is the name of one of the day-signs in the Aztec Calendar. It can also refer to:
Acolmiztli (Coatl Ichan) He was a grandfather of kings Tlacateotl and Tezozomoctli (Cuauhtitlan) and queens Matlalatzin and Huacaltzintli.
Acolmiztli (Coatl Ichan) Acolmiztli I ("Arm of the Puma" in Nahuatl) was a "tlatoani" (ruler or king) of Culhuacán, Nahua "altepetl" (city-state).
Acolmiztli (Coatl Ichan) Acolmiztli was a son of a Chieftain named Tzompantzin and was married to the Princess Cihuateotzin of Cohuatlichan, who bore him a daughter, the Princess Tozquentzin of Cohuatlichan. Princess Tozquentzin married the King of Texcoco, Techotlalatzin. Acolmiztli was also married to Tlazozomizqui. Their daughter was Queen Acxocueitl.
Acolmiztli (Coatl Ichan) "For other meanings of this word, see Acolnahuacatl (deity), an Aztec god also known as Acolmiztli. Nezahualcoyotl, a ruler of Texcoco had the second name Acolmiztli."
Sébaco The name Sébaco originates from the Nahuatl language, coatl cihuatl, which means snake woman. Coatl Cihuatl was also the Aztec goddess of fertility and agriculture. When the Spanish arrived in the area, they were unable to pronounce the original name of this town, and over time the pronunciation became Sébaco.
Bullsnake Bullsnakes are endemic species of Mexico and there are called "cincuate", (/sentli/; Náhuatl: corn, /coatl/; Náhuatl: snake).
Lamborghini Automóviles Lamborghini has produced two rebodied versions of the Diablo called the Eros and the Coatl. In 2015, Automóviles Lamborghini transferred the IP-rights to the Coatl foundation (chamber of commerce no. 63393700) in The Netherlands in order to secure these rights and to make them more marketable. The company has announced the production of a speedboat called the Lamborghini Glamour.
Lamborghini Alar Although it shares the same platform and engine as the Lamborghini Diablo its outer styling is completely different. Its styling is reminiscent of the Lamborghini Coatl, which is another car produced by Lamborghini LatinoAmerica and designed by Joan Ferci. Like the Alar the Coatl is also based on the earlier Diablo.
Captain from Castile Other actors recommended by Mankiewicz but not cast were Fredric March as Cortéz, José Ferrer as Coatl, and Alan Reed or William Bendix to play Juan García.