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Cinisello Balsamo Cinisello Balsamo () is a "comune" (municipality) of about 75,200 inhabitants in the Metropolitan City of Milan in the Italian region of Lombardy, about northeast of Milan city center.
Cinisello Balsamo The current "comune" was formed in 1928 by the union of Cinisello and Balsamo, and received the honorary title of city through a presidential decree on 17 October 1972.
Cinisello Balsamo In another theory (also not exactly confirmed) resulting from studies done in the "Historical Archive of Arms" would be that both "Cini", both "Sello", were ancient and noble Houses from Trentino who settled in the area, providing their names to the same, which were decorated with the title of nobility with special merit achieved for works done in favor of the Fatherland. Balsamo (perhaps "the balsam tree", but it might just be the surname of a noble family and elders of the town in the Middle Ages) is the eastern half.
Cinisello Balsamo Cinisello Balsamo borders the following municipalities: Monza, Muggiò, Nova Milanese, Paderno Dugnano, Cusano Milanino, Sesto San Giovanni, Bresso.
Cinisello Balsamo Until the late 1920s, Cinisello and Balsamo were two separate municipalities. By royal decree, on 13 September 1928 a merger was arranged to form the current common.
Cinisello Balsamo As a symbol, the emblem of the city now encompasses those of the two municipalities merged: the emblem of the pastoral and the sword on a red field in fact belongs to Balsamo, the rampant crowned lion on a blue field belongs to Cinisello.
Cinisello Balsamo Cinisello (from the Latin "cinis", "Ashes", through "cinixellum", indicating the fertility of the land from the ashen color, but traditional, though not exactly confirmed - even if you have found Roman remains in the area - is the theory that "Cinisello" comes from "Cinis Aelii", "Ash of Aelius", a Roman gens had here, probably, a branch of the Imperial Age) is the western part of the city.
Crocetta (Cinisello Balsamo) Crocetta is a district in the southern part of the Comune of Cinisello Balsamo, Province of Milan, Lombardy, Italy. The district is bounded by a triangle of roads: the A4 Milan-Venice motorway, the Viale Fulvio Testi (SS36) and the Via Stalingrad. They separate it physically from the rest of Cinisello Balsamo.
Crocetta (Cinisello Balsamo) The district is occupied by large apartment complexes, built between the 1960s and 1970s, and has an area of 157,890 square meters. Of the 5,000 residents of Crocetta 2,000 are immigrants. The population density of 31,700 inhabitants/km is six times the Cinisello Balsamo average. The immigrant population makes up 40% of Crocetta's residents.
Crocetta (Cinisello Balsamo) Dwellings are almost exclusively privately owned. Tenancies have a high rate of turnover due to a steady growth of the immigrant population that has replaced much of the historical inhabitant cohort. The present buildings were designed to accommodate middle class professionals who commuted to Milan for work; there still remains a strong sense of belonging and a desire to improve their environment by families that have decided to stay in the Crocetta district.