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Bai Chunli Bai Chunli is one of the pioneers in the field of scanning probe microscopy. The laboratory he leads organized much wide-ranging and detailed research. . Bai has made many contributions to STM study nationally and internationally. He has created a team which aims to increase cooperation between China and the United States on the issue of regularly using energy sources. Generally speaking, Bai has devoted himself to shortening the scientific distance between China and foreign countries.
Bai Chunli On May 1, Bai Chunli attended the closing ceremony of the 14th Sino-US Joint Committee which was held in Beijing, and joined some relevant activities.
Gu Chunli Gu Chunli (; born July 1957) is a former Chinese politician who spent most of his career in Northeast China's Liaoning province. He was investigated by the Communist Party of China's anti-graft agency in August 2015. He previously served as the Vice-Governor of Jilin and Communist Party Secretary of Anshan.
Gu Chunli On August 1, 2015, the Communist Party's anti-corruption agency announced that Gu Chunli was placed under investigation. Six days later, Gu was removed from his posts by the Organization Department of the Communist Party of China. Gu was the first provincial-level official from Jilin to be sacked since the anti-corruption campaign began in 2012. He was expelled from the Communist Party on October 30, 2015. The investigation concluded that Gu abused his power to advance the interests of others, used public funds for personal expenses, frequented private clubs, accepted bribes, accepted banquet invitations paid for by public funds, "used vehicles from state-owned enterprises", and interfered and obstructed the investigation.
Gu Chunli He was a delegate to the 11th National People's Congress.
Chunli Li Chunli Li (born February 28, 1962 in Guiping, Guigang, Guangxi) was a Chinese-born New Zealand female professional table tennis player. She won a gold, silver and two bronze medals at the 2002 Commonwealth Games to cap off her long career. Her illustrious career began as one of the top table tennis players in China, specialising as a doubles player. Chunli migrated to New Zealand in 1987 and has since represented New Zealand until she retired in 2004 to concentrate as the national coach. She competed at four Olympic Games and one Commonwealth Games for New Zealand. Since 2011, she came out of her "retirement" and started representing New Zealand again. Chunli led the New Zealand team at the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom.
Bai Chunli Bai Chunli () (born September 26, 1953) is a Chinese physical chemist and nanoscientist.
Bai Chunli He is President of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Professor of Chemistry, CAS Key Laboratory of Molecular Nanostructure and Nanotechnology, Institute of Chemistry, Beijing. He also serves as President of The World Academy of Sciences (TWAS), the co-chairman of the China Association for Science and Technology and the president of the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences.
Bai Chunli On April 13, in the opening ceremony of the Chinese Chemical Society 28th Annual Meeting, Bai Chunli gave a speech. He reviewed the role that chemistry plays in human life, and pointed out that solving the social public security problems is also a mission for chemistry.
Song Chunli Her recent work is television series "Mother" (2011).