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Article Example
Fermentation Family Lee Kang-san (Park Jin-hee) and Lee Woo-joo (Lee Min-young) are sisters who suddenly have to take over running their family's traditional kimchi restaurant "Chunjiin" ("Heaven, Earth and Man") after their father leaves without notice. The sisters must keep the restaurant going on their own, but they get some help from a troubled man, Ki Ho-tae (Song Il-gook), who shows up at the restaurant looking for his missing past. Ho-tae is an orphan who grew up to become a member of a crime syndicate. But he starts a new life as a worker at "Chunjiin", where he discovers the perks of having an excellent palate. Together with the other restaurant employees, longtime customers and a growing circle of friends, they work towards their individual goals while finding warmth and family through their sharing of food and support of each other.