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Chunhua County Chunhua County is a county of Xianyang, Shaanxi, China.
Hu Chunhua His political beliefs about Tibet are fairly opaque. He was able to hold simple conversations in Tibetan when he worked there as a regional official.
Jing Chunhua In April 2014, Jing became the head of the provincial reform office, overseeing major reform initiatives, ostensibly a position of high responsibility, as "deepening reform" was high on the agenda of the Xi-Li Administration. On March 3, 2015, prior the opening of the annual "two sessions" conference in Beijing, state media announced Jing was undergoing investigation by the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection. Jing was the second official of provincial-level rank from Hebei province to fall from grace in Xi Jinping's anti-corruption drive, after provincial party organization chief Liang Bin, who was detained in 2014. However, Liang's case is believed to be related to his term in office in Shanxi province, where he served prior to coming to Hebei. Jing, on the other hand, spent his entire political career in Hebei. The announcement to investigate Jing also broke an unspoken rule that investigations of high-ranking officials would not be announced during the annual convening of the Chinese legislature in March.
Liu Chunhua Liu missed the 2009 World Championships in Athletics, but she had a rapid ascent at the regional level that year. She won the national title for a second time and improved her best to 59.55 m on the Chinese Grand Prix circuit. In October she won the javelin at the 2009 National Games of China with another best of 60.65 m. The 2009 Asian Athletics Championships held the next month in Guangzhou brought her another gold medal as she and Li Lingwei took the top two spots for the host nation. Liu threw beyond the 60-metre mark again at December's 2009 East Asian Games to win her third gold on home soil in 2009, while it was Zhang Li who completed the Chinese 1–2 medal sweep on that occasion.
Hu Chunhua Hu Chunhua (; born April 1963) is a Chinese politician, regional official, and a member of the Communist Party's Politburo. He is the Communist Party Secretary of Guangdong province, the province's top political office.
Hu Chunhua Hu has worked in Tibet for much of his political career and ascended the party ranks partly through the Communist Youth League. He is popularly known as "little Hu" due to the similarities of his career with that of former Party General Secretary Hu Jintao (no relation). He became China's youngest governor when he took the position in Hebei province in 2008. He was then promoted to Party Secretary of Inner Mongolia in 2009. As one of the youngest provincial leaders, Hu is seen as a promising candidate in the 'sixth generation' of Chinese leadership.
Hu Chunhua From 1997 to 2001 Hu served in the Secretariat of the Communist Youth League and as a Vice Chairman of the All-China Youth Federation. He returned to Beijing to become the First Secretary of the Communist Youth League from December 2006 to March 2008. On April 15, 2008, he was appointed as the acting Governor of Hebei, China's youngest. On January 12, 2009, he was officially elected Governor. In Hebei, Hu had the reputation of working 'non-stop', visiting all of the province's 11 prefecture-level cities within a few months. While serving in Hebei, Hu came into the limelight during the 2008 Chinese milk scandal, which had roots in Hebei province. He came out of the incident unscathed, some say as a result of his closeness to Party general secretary Hu Jintao. He also took part in the security preparations of the Beijing Olympics, and advocated increasing domestic consumption in response to the global financial crisis.
Chunhua, Changsha Chunhua Town () is a town in Changsha County, northeastern Hunan province, South Central China. It contains 12 villages and 1 community, and is located around east of the county seat, at the boundary region between Changsha County and Liuyang City. Bordering towns are Lukou to the east, Lukou to the west, and Huanghua to the southwest; Chunhua also borders Yong'an (永安镇) and Shashi (沙市镇) of Liuyang City.
Jing Chunhua In 1995 he was again elevated to lead the CYL organization in the province, earning the rank equivalent to a provincial department director. He again took up part-time studies, this time studying global economics at Hebei University. In 1997 he was named deputy party chief of Chengde while maintaining his department director rank. He engaged in yet another study stint, this time in "scientific socialism."
Jing Chunhua In October 2008 he became Secretary-General of the Hebei Provincial Party Committee. The position is in charge of coordinating different individuals and organizations to implement party policy in the province. In January 2011 he entered the top ranks of the province by earning a seat on the provincial Party Standing Committee. After Xi Jinping became the General Secretary of the Communist Party of China in November 2012, a large campaign began emphasizing the "mass line". As part of this campaign, officials were expected to criticize themselves. Jing took part in democratic life meetings of the provincial party leadership. Jing said he "did not pay enough attention to detail," and did not "uphold democratic centralism" because he didn't speak too often during standing committee meetings. In September 2013, Jing attended a democratic life meeting presided over by Xi Jinping himself, during which Jing said he had become "too pretentious and too prideful" over the years and often forgot that he was still a civil servant.