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Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for chrysantha

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Aquilegia chrysantha Leaves have three leaflets with three lobes and grow from the base and off the flowering stems.
Edgeworthia chrysantha The genus was named in honour of Michael Pakenham Edgeworth (1812–1881), an Irish-born Victorian era amateur botanist, who worked for the East India Company, and for his sister, writer Maria Edgeworth. The species name "chrysantha" derives from the Greek "chrusos" meaning 'golden' and 'anthos' meaning flower, due to the gold coloured flowers.
Vancouveria chrysantha It occurs in the Klamath Mountains below . It grows in dry mountain habitat in chaparral and forests.
Vancouveria chrysantha The inflorescence appears in the spring to early summer. It is a raceme of flowers on a long, erect peduncle with hairy, glandular branches. Each drooping flower has six inner sepals which look like petals. They are bright yellow, up to a centimeter long, and reflexed back, or upwards, away from the flower center. Lying against the sepals are the smaller true petals, which are also bright yellow, curled, and hood-like. There are six stamens and a large glandular ovary.
Anthemis chrysantha Researchers have observed enough differences between the Spanish and Algerian populations so as to conclude that they are separate subspecies.
Anthemis chrysantha Its populations in La Azohía and Escombreras islet are located within natural park boundaries. Similarly, the Habibas islands benefit from environmental protection.
Stifftia chrysantha Stiffia chyrsantha is a plant endemic to Brazil. It has a woody stem with rough bark and can grow up between 8 and 10 ft. It has alternate, entire smooth leaves and reticulate veins. The involucre has 30 to 40 green, imbricated scales with short hairs. Actinomorphic corollas are pale orange below and darker above.
Ehrendorferia chrysantha "Dicentra chrysantha" has a taproot. Its leaves are blue-green, with many lobed leaflets.
Thiotricha chrysantha The wingspan is about 11 mm. The forewings are deep ochreous-yellow, suffused with orange-red on the margins of the dark markings. There are two pairs of very oblique dark fuscous streaks from the costa and the dorsum near the base and before the middle respectively, each pair meeting at a very acute angle, the first connected with the second in the disc by dark fuscous suffusion, the angle of the second extended as a blackish line to the termen beneath the apex. There are two white dorsal blotches between and beyond these streaks respectively, the second followed by a dot of dark fuscous suffusion. An oblique blackish wedge-shaped mark is found from the costa at three-fourths, edged with pink. The hindwings are blackish-grey, thinly scaled towards the base.
Verticordia chrysantha "Verticordia chrysantha" is a shrub which grows to a height of , sometimes almost as wide and which has a single, branching stem at its base. The leaves are linear in shape, approximately circular in cross-section, long and have a pointed, sometimes hooked end.