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Christianna Brand Her first novel, "Death in High Heels", was written while Brand was working as a salesgirl, the idea stemming from her fantasies about doing away with an annoying co-worker. In 1941, one of her best-loved characters, Inspector Cockrill of the Kent County Police, made his debut in the book "Heads You Lose". The character would go on to appear in seven of her novels. "Green for Danger" is Brand’s most famous novel. The whodunit, set in a World War II hospital, was adapted for film by Eagle-Lion Films in 1946, starring Alastair Sim as the Inspector. She dropped the series in the late 1950s and concentrated on various genres as well as short stories. She was nominated three times for Edgar Awards: for the short stories "Poison in the Cup" (EQMM, Feb. 1969) and "Twist for Twist" (EQMM, May 1967) and for a nonfiction work about a Scottish murder case, "Heaven Knows Who" (1960). She is the author of the children's series "Nurse Matilda", which Emma Thompson adapted to film as "Nanny McPhee" (2005).
Christianna Brand Her Inspector Cockrill short stories and a previously unpublished Cockrill stage play were collected as "The Spotted Cat and Other Mysteries from Inspector Cockrill's Casebook", edited by Tony Medawar (2002).
Christianna Brand She was the cousin of the illustrator Edward Ardizzone.
Christianna Brand Christianna Brand (17 December 1907 – 11 March 1988) was a British crime writer and children's author, born in British Malaya.
Christianna Brand Christianna Brand was born Mary Christianna Milne (1907) in Malaya and grew up in India. She had a number of different occupations, including model, dancer, shop assistant and governess. Brand also wrote under the pseudonyms Mary Ann Ashe, Annabel Jones, Mary Roland, and China Thomson. Christianna Brand served as Chair of the Crime Writers' Association from 1972-1973.
Eastern Algonquian languages 17. Carolina Algonquian (also known as Pamlico, Pamtico, Pampticough, Christianna Algonquian)
The Freddy Awards Christianna Pepingco as Little Ti Moune | Phillipsburg HS | Once On This Island
Peter Madsen Peel Peel was born in Aakirkeby, Denmark, in 1820; he was married in 1846 to Christianna Folkman. In 1853–54, they emigrated to the United States, living first in
Jackson Temple He married Christianna Hutton Hood in 1870; they had six children and settled in Santa Rosa, California. He died on December 25, 1902 in San Francisco.
Nurse Matilda The Nurse Matilda books were written by the British children's author Christianna Brand (1907–1988) and illustrated by her cousin, Edward Ardizzone. The books are based on stories told to the cousins by their grandfather.