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Chivasso The municipality of Chivasso contains the "frazioni" (subdivisions, mainly villages and hamlets) Montegiove, Betlemme, Torassi, Castelrosso, Pogliani, Borghetto, Mosche, Mandria, Boschetto, and Pratoregio.
Chivasso Chivasso railway station, opened in 1856, forms part of the Turin–Milan railway, and is also a junction for three other lines, to Aosta, Asti and Casale Monferrato, respectively.
Chivasso Chivasso borders the following municipalities: Mazzè, Caluso, San Benigno Canavese, Montanaro, Rondissone, Verolengo, Volpiano, Brandizzo, San Sebastiano da Po, Castagneto Po, San Raffaele Cimena.
Chivasso The name probably has a Roman origin ("Clavasium", which is used nowadays by local companies).
Chivasso The 15th cathedral has a façade ornamented with statues in terra-cotta.
Chivasso Chivasso () is a "comune" (municipality) in the Metropolitan City of Turin in the Italian region Piedmont, located about northeast of Turin. Chivasso has a population of about 27,000. It is situated on the left bank of the Po river, near the influx of the Orco river.
Chivasso Chivasso was the birthplace of the 15th Century theologian Angelo Carletti. The townspeople venerated his memory, as did those of Cuneo where he died, and the cult was recognized by Pope Benedict XIII who Beatified him in 1753. While his feast is officially kept on 12 April, in his native Chivasso he is also celebrated with an old country fair each year at the end of August.
Chivasso–Alessandria railway The Chivasso–Alessandria railway is a railway line in Piedmont, Italy.
Chivasso–Alessandria railway The section from Valenza to Alessandria was opened on 5 June 1854 as part of the railway from Alessandria to Novara and Arona. The section from Casale Monferrato to Valenza was opened on 22 March 1857 as part of the railway from Vercelli to Valenza. The section from Chivasso to Casale came into operation on 30 April 1887.
Chivasso railway station Chivasso railway station is situated at Piazza Giuseppe Garibaldi, at the northern edge of the town centre.