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officiosa    0.940945

caryothicta    0.936250

holotoxa    0.934461

exospilata    0.934190

polyctemon    0.933570

helota    0.932555

holophaealis    0.931501

batrachopa    0.931014

abstersella    0.930277

astatiformis    0.930259

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Stenoma chionogramma Stenoma chionogramma is a moth in the Depressariidae family. It was described by Edward Meyrick in 1909. It is found in Brazil (Amazonas), Peru and Bolivia.
Dichelopa chionogramma Dichelopa chionogramma is a species of moth of the Tortricidae family. It is found on the Marquesas Archipelago in French Polynesia.
Stenoma chionogramma The wingspan is about 12 mm. The forewings are dark fuscous, slightly bronzy tinged and with a slightly curved white line from the middle of the costa to the dorsum beyond the middle, as well as a transverse streak of scattered white irroration before the termen. The hindwings are dark bronzy fuscous, lighter towards the base.