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Article Example
Ching Ching "Ching Ching" is the second single by rap artist Ms. Jade. The song is also found on track four of her debut album, "Girl Interrupted", released in 2002.
Ching Ching The album version is the clean version, despite Girl Interrupted having a parental advisory sign. There is an explicit version of the song. It can be found on the song's promotional use only vinyl single as "LP" Version. The promotional vinyl single was published befofe the decision to put the clean version on the album. The reason for putting the clean version on the album is unknown.
Ching Ching The "Ching Ching" music video was shot in Los Angeles, California at night on September 18 and September 19, 2002, and was directed by Mark Classon. The video features Ms. Jade as a woman who is chased in her Hummer by her boyfriend (played by Timbaland) after she catches him with three other women in his Hummer at an intersection. After they leave their respective SUVs, Ms. Jade argues with Timbaland on the street. Furtado joins Jade in the dispute as a crowd gathers, and at the end of the video Ms. Jade takes a handful of cash from Timbaland's pocket and throws it into the air to the delight of the crowd.
Ching Ching "Ching Ching" features artists Timbaland and Nelly Furtado, and contains a sample of Furtado's song "Baby Girl" from her 2000 debut album, "Whoa, Nelly!". The title of "Ching Ching" comes from an improvised nonsensical lyric in "Baby Girl".
Happy José (Ching Ching) Jack Ross' version uses the "Ching ching ching, oop-bop a-loop-a loop" lyrics in refrain, with backing orchestra and random outbursts of laughter between the singing. The Ross single came in a red sleeve with a comic figure on the front and is now considered rare and collectible. By comparison, the Haley version does not use the "ching ching ching" lyrics but rather another set of nonsense words.
Happy José (Ching Ching) Margie Rayburn released a version of the song as the B-side to her 1966 single "Play #10 on the Juke Box".
Happy José (Ching Ching) "Happy José (Ching Ching)" is a Mexican-influenced instrumental song released by a number of artists. In was first released in 1960 by Dave Appell and the Applejacks. In 1962 Jack Ross and his orchestra released a version of the song that was a surprise hit in the Netherlands and Sweden, reaching number one in both countries. Other recordings in 1962 include Willy Schobben and His Orchestra.
Happy José (Ching Ching) The song has the same melody as "Happy Homer", an instrumental recorded by Bill Haley & His Comets for Warner Bros. Records in 1960 (however, that particular recording would not receive commercial release until Bear Family Records included it in the 1999 box set "The Warner Bros. Years and More"). It's not clear if this was the first version or the one from Dave Appell.
Happy José (Ching Ching) Laughing was by Bill Imondi, a professional jazz drummer.
Stowaway (1936 film) Barbara "Ching-Ching" Stewart is an orphan living in Sanchow, China. When bandits threaten, she is sent to Shanghai for safety. Accidentally separated from her guide, Ching-Ching finds herself in Shanghai all alone with her dog until she meets a westerner, Tommy Randall, a rich playboy traveling about the world by ocean liner. Ching-Ching then accidentally becomes a stowaway on his ship. When discovered, she is provided for by Tommy and Susan Parker, a passenger on the ship engaged to the son of her traveling companion, Mrs Ruth Hope. Susan and Tommy become romantically involved. Ching-Ching plays Cupid in furthering their romance. The couple realize they adore Ching-Ching and want to do the best for her after learning she will be put off the ship and sent to an orphan's asylum. Susan breaks her engagement with Richard Hope, Ruth's son, after discovering his selfish nature and marries Tommy. The two adopt Ching-Ching.