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daedeoksan    0.829913

cheonmasan    0.823835

munsubong    0.794353

gamaksan    0.788690

buramsan    0.784877

chuwolsan    0.779547

taehwasan    0.775747

cheongoksan    0.769488

jeoksangsan    0.769449

obongsan    0.764539

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Chilbosan Chilbosan (hangul:칠보산, hanja: 七寶山), meaning "Seven-treasure mountain", is the name of several mountains in Korea:
Chilbosan (Gyeonggi) Chilbosan is a hill on the border of Ansan and Suwon in Gyeonggi Province, South Korea. It stands 239 metres above sea level and 6 km from the Yellow Sea coast. A road from the south-east also runs up Chilbosan.
Chilbosan (North Hamgyong) Major part of the mountain is covered by mixed broadleaf and coniferous forest and protected in a 30,000 ha national park. It has been identified by BirdLife International as an Important Bird Area (IBA) because it supports populations of Oriental storks and critically endangered Baer's pochards.
Chilbosan (North Chungcheong) Chilbosan is a mountain in the county of Goesan, Chungcheongbuk-do in South Korea. It has an elevation of .
Chilbosan (North Jeolla) Chilbosan is a mountain of Jeollabuk-do, western South Korea. It has an elevation of 469 metres.
Chilbosan (North Hamgyong) Chilbosan (Ch’ilbo-san, Korean: "칠보산" ) is a mountain in North Hamgyong province (Hamgyŏng-bukto ), North Korea. The name translates as "seven treasures", stemming from the legend that Chilbo-san has seven treasures buried in it. Chilbo-san is particularly noted for its views when covered in snow. The mountain is commonly divided into "Inner Chilbo", "Outer Chilbo", and "Sea Chilbo". Amongst the main attractions apart from the views is the Kaesim Temple, dating from the 9th century.
Suwon At the closest point, being the Chilbosan ridge (239m) to the west on the border with Ansan, Suwon lies from the Yellow Sea coast.
Tourism in North Korea Various places are accessible from the Chinese side, such as Namyang and monasteries in Chilbosan from Tumen, China. In 2011, a Tumen-Korean train service was scheduled to start.
Bureau 121 American authorities believe that North Korea has military offensive cyber operations capability and may have been responsible for malicious cyber activity since 2009. As part of its sophisticated set-up, cells from Bureau 121 are believed to be operating around the world. One of the suspected locations of a Bureau 121 cell is the Chilbosan Hotel in Shenyang, China.
Sili Bank Sili Bank is a company based in China. The company provides email services in both China and North Korea by maintaining dedicated servers in both countries. Established in September 12, 2001, Sili Bank also known as the Korea 626 Shenyang Co. is a financial institution based in Chilbosan/Qibaoshan Hotel () in Shenyang, Liaoning, China, closely related to the government of North Korea.