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nahulingo    0.831921

bungwe    0.831670

caluquembe    0.830143

badamalos    0.804120

lachania    0.801359

benkaj    0.795308

plossig    0.791610

haneti    0.791448

binjhwar    0.789911

jalesches    0.789376

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Chicomba Chicomba is a town and municipality in the province of Huíla, Angola.
Chipindo With an extension of 3.898 km2, and a density of population of 16 inhabitants per km2, it is limited with the towns of Caála and Tchicala Tcholoanga in Huambo Province in the North, with Jamba town in the South, with Kuvango in the East and with Caconda and Chicomba in the West.