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daedeoksan    0.871066

buramsan    0.857097

munsubong    0.828921

gamaksan    0.827790

chuwolsan    0.826620

gwangdeoksan    0.825616

chilbosan    0.823835

taehwasan    0.823303

tsaghkashen    0.820759

jrashen    0.819213

Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for cheonmasan

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Article Example
Cheonmasan Cheonmasan is a mountain in Gyeonggi-do, South Korea. It can be found within the boundaries of the city of Namyangju. Cheonmasan has an elevation of .
Cheonmasan Station Cheonmasan Station is a railway station on Gyeongchun Line.
Chuncheon As of June 2014, there are two train stations in Chuncheon suburban area: the terminus of the Gyeongchun Line, Chuncheon Station, and the busier Namchuncheon Station. Gimyujeong, Baegyang-ri, Gulbongsan and Gangchon Station are located in rural Chuncheon that attracts tourists, especially Gangchon is one of the most favorite recreational destination for University students. This is a double track rapid transit commuter train that connects to massively commuted Yongsan, Cheongnyangni and Sangbong Stations in Seoul. On December 21, 2010, a new realigned twin track electrified line has been constructed, and several new or transferable stations are still being constructed to replace the existing halts in outside Chuncheon, such as Cheonmasan, Sinnae, and Byeollae.
Wildlife of South Korea The central part of temperate forest contains 39°N at the west coast, 40°N at the east coast and inner land's temperate forest that include between a southern part of 38° boundary line (38th parallel north) and Northern Limit Line of south temperate forest. There are "Quercus dentatomongolica", "Acer pictum" subsp. "mono", "Betula costata", "Zanthoxylum planispinum" and others. In Seoraksan Mountain, there are "Hemerocallis dumortieri", "Ampelopsis brevipedunculata", "Rhododendron brachycarpum", "Rhododendron fauriae" and others. In Odaesan Mountain, there are "Astilbe chinensis", "Berberis koreana", lily of the valley and others. In Chiaksan Mountain, there are "Codonopsis lanceolata", "Lactuca indica", "Hieracium umbellatum", "Aconitum" and others. In Mt.Taebaeksan, there are "Juniperus chinensis"," Taxus cuspidata", "Juniperus rigida", "Pinus densiflora", "Viola diamantica" Nakai, "Trientalis europaea", "Arisaema erubescens" and others. In Cheonmasan Mountain, there are "Juniperus chinensis", "Taxus cuspidata", "Juniperus rigida", "Draba nemorosa" L., "Eranthis stellata" Maxim, "Hepatica asiatica" Nakai, "Adonis amurensis", "Heloniopsis koreana" and others. In Mt.Sobaeksan, there are "Iris rossii", "Hylomecon" and others. In Woraksan Mountain, there are "Actinidia arguta", "Thymus quinquecostatus", "Rubus coreanus" and others. In Mt.Songnisan, there are "Leonurus japonicus", "Angelica gigas" and others. In Juwangsan mountain, there are "Staphylea pinnata", "Jeffersonia", "Fraxinus rhynchophylla", "Rhododendron schlippenbachii" and others. In the islands of the west coast, there are "Machilus thunbergii", "Camellia japonica", "Epimedium koreanum", "Scopolia japonica", "Berberis koreana", "Valeriana fauriei", "Cornus officinalis", "Schisandra chinensis" and others.