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Chen Shucheng Chen joined Mediacorp, then known as Radio Television Singapore (RTS), as an actor in 1971. Since then he has portrayed many different roles ranging from a young nerdy doctor in "The Awakening", a rich flirting playboy in "Pretty Faces", to a strict and unbending father in "Love at 0°C" and an temperamental old man in "Happy Family".
Chen Shucheng During the late 1990s, Chen was best known as host of long-running variety shows "Econ Nite" (宜康之夜) and "Weekend Delight" (欢乐周末夜) for over a decade.
Chen Shucheng Chen is married to former co-star and actress Huang Peiru.
Chen Shucheng Tan Soo Seng, better known as Chen Shucheng, (, born October 21, 1949) is a Singaporean actor. He is one of Mediacorp's few artistes still active from the "black and white" era.
Chen Shucheng Chen's work was recognised in 2007 when he was awarded the "Evergreen Veteran" award at the Star Awards 2007 anniversary special. After being nominated many times, he won his first acting award in Star Awards 2012 for his role in "The Oath" and received a standing ovation from both colleagues and fans.