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Article Example
Chen Liping Chen Liping (, born 22 August 1965) is a Singaporean actress.
Chen Liping In 2003, Chen also took the Best Actress Award for her role in "Holland V". She was the sixth MediaCorp artiste to be awarded the All-Time Favourites Awards in the annual Star Awards after winning the Top 10 Most Popular Award 10 times since the awards inception in 1994.
Chen Liping In 2014, Chen won the Best Actress award once again for her role as Yao Zhu Kang Li, a career woman facing marital issues who has to act happy in the company in "The Dream Makers".
Chen Liping She won the Best Actress Award for the second time in Star Awards 2010 for her role as a thrifty housewife in "Reunion Dinner".
Chen Liping Chen attended Crescent Girls' School from 1978 to 1983. She is married to actor Rayson Tan, and has a son named Xavier (born 2002).