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Chen Hanwei Tan Hung Wee (born 29 August 1969), better known by his Chinese stage name Chen Hanwei (Chinese: 陈汉玮), is a Malaysian actor and Mediacorp artiste based in Singapore. He is known especially for a song, 关怀方式, sung together with Chua Lee Lian. Chen is a versatile actor who has won many awards for his craft. He was crowned the Best Actor at the annual Star Awards in the years, 2001, 2005, 2009 and 2010, making him having the second most number of Best Actor wins after Xie Shaoguang (who has five wins). Chen received the All-Time Favourite Artiste Award at the Star Awards 20 after being voted as the Top 10 Most Popular Male Artistes for 10 years. At the Star Awards 2015, Chen had the rare honour of being nominated for both the Best Actor and Best Supporting Actor in which he won the latter for his role as the villainous Hu Weiren in .
Chen Hanwei In 2013, Hanwei made his first cinema debut in the film "Ghost Child".
Chen Hanwei Hanwei grew up in Kampung Ungku Mohsin, Johor Bahru, Malaysia. Adopted since birth, Hanwei was raised in an impoverished background but excelled in his studies at Foon Yew High School, one of the country's top Chinese independent schools.
List of Hero episodes Mediacorp Channel 8's television series Hero is a family-drama series produced by Mediacorp Studios in 2016, starring Shaun Chen, Jesseca Liu and Chen Hanwei.
The Gentlemen (TV series) Zhang Naiping (Chen Hanwei)'s ambition is to be the boss, but fails in both work and marriage. Accidentally, he becomes a confinement nanny.
The Gentlemen (TV series) A press conference was held at Cafe Melba in the new Mediacorp campus on 26 July 2016. Chen Hanwei, Pierre Png, Aloysius Pang, Carrie Wong, Paige Chua, Cynthia Koh and Jin Yinji attended the conference.
Taste of Love At the same time, a love triangle develops between Tao Le, Lingzhi, and Fang Youfang (Dai Xiang Yu), a tenant living under Tao Le's roof. The relationship is made complicated when Lingzhi's boss, Hu Yingbang (Chen Hanwei) enters the picture.
The Guest People It stars Christopher Lee, Chen Hanwei, Xie Shaoguang, Jason Oh, Ann Kok and Jacelyn Tay. Others in the cast include Chen Huihui, Li Yinzhu, Chen Shucheng, Huang Peiru, Mai Hao Wei and Liang Wei Dong.
Hero (2016 TV series) Through the lives of Zhou Fada (Shaun Chen), Ye Xiaoying (Chen Hanwei) and Zhang Weixiong (Jesseca Liu), three ordinary characters who grew up in Dakota Crescent, a series of interesting, exciting and personal stories will unfold…
Viva Le Famille A continuation from part I, Vive La Famile II showcases an original cast with 2 new additions, namely Pan Jinglian (Hong Huifang) as Thomas' (Chen Hanwei) auntie who hails from Penang and Stephanie (Cassandra See) as Stella's (Lin Meijiao) sister.