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Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for chello

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Article Example
Chello chello was the brand of internet service provider-activities of Liberty Global Europe (formerly UGC), a provider of broadband internet access via cable in Europe, with estimated 1.3 million customers across its markets. LGE operates in 15 European, 4 Latin American and 2 Asian/Pacific countries. The chello branded internet service were available in seven of these: Austria, Belgium, France, Hungary, The Netherlands, Norway, Poland and Slovakia. The chello brand was introduced in the European market in 1998 and was awarded the best Consumer ISP award in 1999
Chello Features of the chello service are standardized according to the cable provider. In each market chello delivers open-access content portals that feature local news and entertainment content. Also, all users of the service are granted email addresses.
Chello chello products were typically available at many speeds and are named chello starter, chello easy, chello classic, chello plus and chello extreme.
Chello The brand was available in New Zealand in the early 2000s, under TelstraSaturn's cable network.
Chello The chello brand appears to be replaced by other brands. For example, in The Netherlands, chello is renamed to UPC Live. UPC Live also has replaced chello in Austria, the Czech Republic, Poland and Hungary. In Sweden chello has been replaced by ComHem and in Norway by Get. In Ireland, UPC Ireland replaced the Irish broadband and cable service NTL which was formally Cable-link until 2015, when it was rebranded as Virgin Media Ireland. In Belgium, chello was a product of UPC that has been absorbed by Telenet in 2006 when Liberty Global bought a majority stake in Telenet.
Chello This is also a greeting used by Jeff The Drunk on his Periscope videos and when he takes calls
AMC Networks International Zone On 8 July 2014, AMC Networks renamed Chello Zone as AMC Networks International Zone (EMEA).
Aleksandr Lokshin 22. [1978] Quintet for two violins, two violas and chello (in memoria of Dimitri Shostakovich). 23 min.
Terje Isungset Fossekall Concert in a waterfall in Hardanger. Chello,hardanger fiddle, trumpet, voice,drums, mouth harp & dancer.. 2008
Iain Osborne He went on to become co-founder and managing directory of Chello Broadband NV, the first commercial ISP to introduce high speed Broadband Internet Access in 6 different European countries. Also at chello, he led some of the very early research into broadband usage and its impact on changing lifestyles in Europe.