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Article Example
Gilbert Chagoury He served as an Ambassador and Adviser to governments in Africa and the Americas. He has also served as Ambassador to the Vatican for St. Lucia, economic adviser to President Mathieu Kérékou of Benin, and ambassador to UNESCO.
Chagoury Group The Grands Moulins du Bénin Flour Mill began production in 1972 and now produces 250 metric tons of wheat flour per day, with wheat imported from France and the USA.
Chagoury Group Hitech Construction was founded in 1988, the civil engineering company specializes in general infrastructure projects including road works, street lighting, railways, drainage systems, bridges, dams, earthworks, asphalt overlay, water supply, irrigation schemes, dredging, and marine installations. Hitech's clients include: the Aluminium Smelting Company of Nigeria; the Federal Ministry of Works; Abia State Government; Bayelsa State Government; Lagos State Government; and Nigerian Breweries PLC.
Chagoury Group Completed projects include a sea wall along Bar Beach, in Eko Atlantic. This is the first project of its kind in Africa to use advanced 'x-blocs', enormous x-shaped concrete blocks designed to dissipate the energy of waves.
Chagoury Group ITB Construction is a civil engineering and construction company headquartered in Lagos and has a regional facility in Abuja. The company focuses on the construction of residential and industrial buildings. The company also manufactures pilings and provides electro-mechanical services and product, including generators. Completed projects include: The National Assembly Complex in Abuja; A residential development project of 13 floors on Victoria Island; and the design and construction of a staff housing complex of 800 units for client ALSCON's Aluminium Smelter Plant. Current projects include: Intercontinental Hotel on Victoria Island (with 19 floors, this will be the tallest building on the island); a new HQ for Magnum Trust Bank of Nigeria; and the new headquarters and office complex for TOTAL oil company in Port Harcourt.
Chagoury Group Established in 1991, the Ideal Eagle Hospital is a small private medical facility in Lagos. Although mainly serving employees of the Chagoury Group, the hospital is also retained by a number of Nigerian-based multinational companies, including Royal Dutch Shell.
Ronald Chagoury Chagoury is married to Berthe, the daughter of Blanche and Eduard Awad, and they have two children.
Ronald Chagoury Chagoury's name has appeared in the Panama Papers.
Gilbert Chagoury Gilbert Chagoury was born to Lebanese immigrant parents in Lagos, Nigeria. He studied at the College des Freres Chretiens in Lebanon before returning to Nigeria.
Gilbert Chagoury In 1971, he co-founded the Chagoury Group with his younger brother Ronald Chagoury, an industrial conglomerate with interests in construction, real estate and property development, flour mills, water bottling and purification, glass manufacturing, insurance, hotels, furniture manufacturing, telecommunications, IT, catering and international financing. Gilbert and Ronald Chagoury founded C & C Construction in the late 1970s, which was the forerunner of Hitech and ITB (these now form the Construction Division of the Chagoury group of Companies).