Top 10 similar words or synonyms for chʻ

ʈʂʰㄔ    0.891346


tsʰㄘ    0.882667

affricate_tenuis    0.868610

tsㄗ    0.867888

ʈʂㄓ    0.854966

ejective_tʼ    0.854614

ʂㄕ    0.847816

ɐi    0.846434

iŋㄧㄥ    0.845326

Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for chʻ

Article Example
Wade–Giles A feature of the Wade–Giles system is the representation of the unaspirated-aspirated stop consonant pairs using left apostrophes: "p, pʻ, t, tʻ, k, kʻ, ch, chʻ". The use of apostrophes preserves "b", "d", "g", and "j" for the romanization of Chinese varieties containing voiced consonants, such as Shanghainese (which has a full set of voiced consonants) and Min Nan (Hō-ló-oē) whose century-old Pe̍h-ōe-jī (POJ, often called Missionary Romanization) is similar to Wade–Giles. POJ, Legge romanization, Simplified Wade, and EFEO Chinese transcription use the letter instead of an apostrophe to indicate aspiration (this is similar to the superscript used in since the revisions of the 1970s). The convention of an apostrophe or to denote aspiration is also found in romanizations of other Asian languages, such as McCune–Reischauer for Korean and ISO 11940 for Thai.