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blackbuck    0.862708

antilope    0.849005

boselaphus    0.847066

rucervus    0.839756

urial    0.835922

chinkara    0.832605

gazella    0.826886

blesbok    0.826857

nilgai    0.826303

muntiacus    0.819623

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Malwa Wildlife: Sambhar "(Cervus unicolor)", Blackbuck "(Antilope cervicapra)", and Chinkara "(Gazella bennettii)" are some common ungulates.
Punjab, India The state bird is the baz (northern goshawk). ("Melierax poliopterus"), the state animal is the blackbuck ("Antilope cervicapra"), and the state tree is the shisham ("Dalbergia sissoo").
Balukhand-Konark Wildlife Sanctuary The sanctuary is home to a herd of Blackbuck "(Antilope cervicapra)". Olive Ridley Sea Turtles "(Lepidochelys olivacea)" nest on the beaches.
Thol Lake Some of the important fauna reported in the area surrounding the lake are: bluebull ("Boselaphus tragocamelus"), striped hyena ("Hyaena hyaena"), wolf ("Canis lupus"), golden jackal ("Canis aureus") and blackbuck ("Antilope cervicapra").
Blackbuck The scientific name of the blackbuck is "Antilope cervicapra". Its generic name stems from the Latin word "antalopus" ("horned animal"). The specific name "cervicapra" is composed of the Latin words "cervus" ("deer") and "capra" ("she-goat"). The vernacular name "blackbuck" () is a reference to the dark brown to black colour of the dorsal (upper) part of the coat of the male. The earliest recorded use of this name dates back to 1850. Alternative names for the blackbuck are "Indian antelope", "kadiyal", "kala hiran", "krishna mrig" and "krishnasaar" (in Hindi); "krishna jinka" (in Telugu); and "iralai maan" (in Tamil).