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zeković    0.855842

srboljub    0.846932

šoškić    0.846719

đurović    0.839009

radanović    0.835469

radunović    0.833919

vuksanović    0.833452

krivokapić    0.832680

vojvodić    0.829950

purić    0.829750

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Momčilo Cemović Momčilo Cemović (Момчило Цемовић) (1928, Berane, Zeta Banovina, Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes - 2001, Podgorica, FR Yugoslavia) was the President of the Executive Council of the Socialist Republic of Montenegro in 1978-1982. He was a member of the League of Communists of Montenegro.
Rudolf Perhinek In June 1941 Perhinek organized a conference of the former military officers of the Yugoslav Army in Berane, including Cemović and Joksimović. During the Uprising in Montenegro he participated in the capture of Italian held Berane.
Milovan Djilas It was only in March of next year that he went back again to Montenegro, where in the meantime a civil war between Partisans and Chetniks had broken out. Momčilo Cemović, who has dealt mostly with this period of Đilas' war activities, believed that the CPY Central Committee and the Supreme Staff had sent Đilas to ascertain the actual state of affairs and to dismiss the communist leaders responsible.
Montenegrin mafia This gang based in the town of Berane largely operates outside of the country. They deal mostly in drug distribution, dealing cocaine and heroin in Serbia and Western Europe (notably Sweden). Arrested and reputed members include: Vuk Vulević, Milan "Čila" Šćekić, Vukšan Cemović, Velibor Popović, Enes Korać, Branislav "Nano" Ivanović, Dragan Labudović, Draško Vuković, Boris Laban, and the Rajović brothers (Radisav, Goran i Srđan). Rivals of the Rajović brothers are the Marsenić brothers (Vojislav, Vladan and their cousins). Their rivalry began in 1996 when one of the Rajović brothers was wounded. Then in 1997 one of Marsenić brothers, Komnen "Koka" Marsenić was shot and killed by the Rajović brothers, and his friend, also one of Berane's tough guy-Zoran "Zoko" Vasović was wounded. Shootings between these families happened in 1996,1997,1998 (when the Marsenić family tried to take revenge for Komnen's death in front of the court), and in 2000 when an innocent bystander was killed.