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Celebridade Celebridade is a Brazilian telenovela that was produced and aired by TV Globo from October 13, 2003 to June 26, 2004, totaling 221 episodes.
Celebridade In fact, Laura is an imposter who wants not only to take everything from the other woman, but become a new Maria Clara. In the plot, the reason for Laura's hatred of Maria Clara is that she (Laura) is the daughter of the true muse who inspired the song that made Maria Clara a rich and famous woman, while she and her mother suffered a miserable life. Maria Clara, however, always believed that the song had been composed by her ex-boyfriend Wagner in her honor. To carry out the plan to destroy her rival, Laura enlists the help of Marcos, her lover and accomplice. They begin to work for Maria Clara respectively as an assistant and a driver, and slowly infiltrate themselves into her life.
Celebridade Featured Malu Mader, Marcos Palmeira, Cláudia Abreu, Fábio Assunção, Marcio Garcia, Deborah Secco, Juliana Paes, Marcelo Faria, Alexandre Borges, Júlia Lemmertz, Nathalia Timberg, Bruno Gagliasso, Hugo Carvana, Nívea Maria, Juliana Knust and Deborah Evelyn in leading roles.
Celebridade The plot revolves around the rivalry between two women: successful businesswoman and former model Maria Clara Diniz, owner of Mello Diniz event producing company, and the envious Laura Prudente da Costa, which gets close to Maria Clara claiming to be her greatest fan and gets a job in her company.
Gilberto Braga In 2003, Gilberto Braga wrote another great success: "Celebridade". Starring Malu Mader, Cláudia Abreu and Fábio Assunção in the lead roles.
Alessandra Negrini In 2002, reaped many accolades for Selma villain of the novel "Desejos de Mulher", Euclydes Marinho. In 2003, made an appearance on the soap opera "Celebridade", Gilberto Braga, and children's series "Sítio do Picapau Amarelo".
Feast on Scraps A promotional-only double A-side of "Simple Together" and "Bent for U" was released in Europe, and "Offer" was released in Brazil, becoming very popular because at the time she appeared in a famous soap opera called "Celebridade" ("Celebrity").
Juliana Knust Knust began her career at 15 when she presented an educational program with Regina Case. Her acting debut was interpreting the part of the fat Laura in Rede Globo's teen soap, "Malhação". After that, she appeared in "Bambuluá", "Sandy & Junior", "Sítio do Picapau Amarelo" and an episode of "Carga Pesada", receiving an invitation to play Sandra in "Celebridade" in 2003.
DJ Boston On 8 October 2014 DJ Boston and Siberia together with , Brazilian actor and entertainer from Rio de Janeiro best known for his works in telenovelas "Cheias de Charme" (2012), "" (2006) and "Celebridade" (2003) has launched new music video "Believe". Dj Boston and Sergio first met when filming together in Brazilian comedy series "Politicamente Incorreto" in 2014 with Danilo Gentili.
Enquanto Houver Sol "Enquanto Houver Sol" is the seventeenth single by Titãs, released in 2004. The song was featured on the 2002 Rede Globo telenovela Celebridade. Malu Mader, Tony Bellotto's wife, starred as the main character. According to ABPD, it was among the 10 most played songs on the radio in 2004.