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maiduan    0.825332

yokutsan    0.824039

otomanguean    0.823485

salishan    0.815675

wakashan    0.815004

yuman    0.804560

muskogean    0.800356

chumashan    0.798459

chimariko    0.789178

siouan    0.788852

Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for catawban

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Catawban languages Both are now extinct "(†)". They were not closely related.
Catawban languages The Catawban, or Eastern Siouan, languages form a small language family in east North America. The Catawban family is a branch of the larger Siouan a.k.a. Siouan–Catawban family.
Siouan languages Siouan languages can be grouped into the Western Siouan languages and Catawban languages. The Western Siouan languages can be divided into Missouri River languages (such as Crow and Hidatsa), Mandan, Mississippi River languages (such as Dakotan, Chiwere-Winnebago, and Dhegihan languages), and Ohio Valley Siouan branches. The Catawban languages consist only of Catawban and Woccon.
Wateree people The name "Wateree" may come from Catawban "wateran", "to float on the water."
Siouan languages The Yuchi isolate may be the closest relative of Sioux–Catawban.
Siouan languages Authors who call the entire family "Siouan" distinguish the two branches as "Western Siouan" and "Eastern Siouan" or as "Siouan-proper" and "Catawban". Others restrict the name "Siouan" to the western branch and use the name "Siouan–Catawban" for the entire family. Generally, however, the name "Siouan" is used without distinction.
Yamasee The name "Yamasee" perhaps comes from Muskogee "yvmvsē", meaning "tame, quiet"; or perhaps from Catawban "yį musí:", literally "people-ancient".
Catawba people , the population of the Catawba Nation has increased to about 2600, most in South Carolina, with smaller groups in Oklahoma, Colorado, Ohio, and elsewhere. The Catawba Reservation (), located in two disjoint sections in York County, South Carolina east of Rock Hill, reported a 2010 census population of 841 inhabitants. The Catawban language, which is being revived, is part of the Siouan family (Catawban branch).
Western Siouan languages The Western Siouan languages, also called Siouan proper or simply Siouan, are a large language family native to North America. They are closely related to the Catawban languages, sometimes called Eastern Siouan, and together with them constitute the Siouan (Siouan–Catawban) language family.
Winnebago Tribe of Nebraska The Winnebago Tribe speaks English and the Ho-Chunk language, which is a Chiwere-Winnebago language, part of the Siouan-Catawban language family.