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Castlehill Castlehill () is a townland and village near the west coast of Lough Conn in County Mayo, Ireland. Historically it was called "Keerhannaun" or "Keerhanaun", which are anglicisations of its Irish name.
Castlehill, Dumbarton Castlehill is the former site of a castle several hundred years ago, there is the suggestion that this may have been the site of the manor house that Robert the Bruce built in 1326 and died in 1329, however it seems more likely such a manor house would have been closer to the River Leven. Castlehill is also the former site of a monument ( the area is known locally as `the mony`) to Robert Bontine Cunninghame Graham, the monument has been removed and a plaque detailing the information is in its place.
Castlehill Barracks Castlehill Barracks was a military installation in Aberdeen in Scotland.
Castlehill Tower There is a ditch, with an average width of 11 feet at the bottom, to the south, west and north-west. There is a bank on the counterscarp which may have continued on the north, where a road runs now, and along the steep east side. The sides of the knoll may have been scarped. There are traces of a stone wall on the north and east. The whole summit may have been enclosed.
Castlehill Tower Castlehill Tower, which stands on the west end of a rocky knoll on the left bank of the Manor Water, may have had three storeys and a garret, but now only parts of the ground and first floors remain. It measures 37 feet eight inches by 29 feet 9 inches. The basement walls are 6 or 7 feet thick. The entrance, which leads to a small lobby, was in the east wall. In the lobby is the staircase to the hall on the first floor. The stair also leads to a passage with access to the barrel-vaulted hall, and also to a turnpike stair at the north-west angle of the tower. At ground level there is evidence of latrine chutes, coming from garderobes on the upper floor.
Castlehill Tower Consolidation work in 1889 did not succeed entirely in the grounds of the tower.
Castlehill Barracks The barracks, which were built on the site of a 12th-century castle, were completed in response to a perceived threat from France between 1764 and 1796. In 1873 a system of recruiting areas based on counties was instituted under the Cardwell Reforms and the barracks became the depot for the 92nd (Gordon Highlanders) Regiment of Foot and the 93rd (Sutherland Highlanders) Regiment of Foot. Following the Childers Reforms, the 75th (Stirlingshire) Regiment of Foot amalgamated with the 92nd (Gordon Highlanders) Regiment of Foot to form the Gordon Highlanders with its depot in the barracks in 1881. A major extension in the form of a large new block was built to accommodate the new depot between 1880 and 1881.
Castlehill Barracks The barracks fell into a state of disrepair in the early part of the 20th century. They were withdrawn from military use in 1935 when the Gordon Highlanders moved to Gordon Barracks at Bridge of Don and were used as emergency housing in the 1940s and 1950s. The barracks were ultimately demolished in 1965 to make way for the Marischal Court and Virginia Court flats.
Castlehill Tower Castlehill Tower, also known as Castle Hill of Manor, is a ruined oblong tower house dating from the end of the 15th century, situated in the parish of Manor, from Kirkton Manor, Scottish Borders, Scotland.
Castlehill Tower The Lowis of Manor family built Castlehill Tower, which is first recorded in 1555, but it was subsequently sold in 1637 to Alexander Veitch, who passed it, in 1672, to George Baillie of Jerviswood. From 1703 to 1729 it was owned by William, first Earl of March. William Tweedie of Quarter seems to have owned it in 1838, but abandoned it two years later.