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Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for carregal

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Raphael Hayyim Isaac Carregal and at the Passover services the next month as wearing
Carregal do Sal Carregal do Sal () is a municipality in Viseu District in Portugal. The population in 2011 was 9,835, in an area of 116.89 km².
Carregal do Sal The present mayor is Atílio dos Santos Nunes, elected by the Social Democratic Party. The municipal holiday is the second Monday after the third Sunday of July.
Carregal do Sal Administratively, the municipality is divided into 5 civil parishes ("freguesias"):
Raphael Hayyim Isaac Carregal Raphael Hayyim Isaac Carregal (October 15, 1733, Hebron, Palestine – May 5, 1777, Barbados) was an itinerant Palestinian rabbi and preacher. He is the first rabbi known to have visited the colonies that became the United States.
Raphael Hayyim Isaac Carregal Carregal appears to have written only two brochures (both sermons), published in Newport in 1773. The published sermons are the first Jewish sermons published in the United States.
Carregal do Sal The municipality was created in 1836, by merging the now extinct Currelos and Oliveira do Conde municipalities. There was a place in Currelos called Carregal. Later it became known as “do Sal” (English: "of salt") after the big salt evaporation ponds constructed there by order of Francisco Lucas de Melo Pais do Amaral (7 May 1752 – 6 April 1819), of Casa de Santar (Melo Pais do Amaral, and after Count of Santar).
Raphael Hayyim Isaac Carregal and singing in a "fine and melodious" voice. Thus impressed by Carigal, Stiles invited him and Aaron Lopez, a respected local Jewish merchant, to his home on March 30, 1773. The two immediately hit it off; according to Stiles' records they met 28 times before Carigal's departure 6 months later, to discuss a wide variety of topics ranging from the politics of the Holy Land to the mysticism of the Kabbalah. Carigal also tutored Stiles in the Hebrew language, to the point that they were to correspond extensively in Hebrew after Carigal's departure.
Raphael Hayyim Isaac Carregal Carregal refers to David Melammed as his teacher. He was an ordained rabbi at the age of seventeen, and in 1754 set out on a series of voyages, usually remaining a brief time in the places he visited; e.g., two years in Constantinople (1754–56); two years in Curaçao, (1761–63); four years in Hebron (1764–68); two and a half years in London (1768–71); one year in Jamaica (1771–72); and one year in the British colonies of North America (1772–73). July 21, 1773 he sailed for Suriname, and in 1775 he was at Barbados. In London, according to his own statement, he was teacher at the Bet ha-midrash, earning a salary of £100 per annum (). At Curaçao, he appears to have held the office of rabbi, though no record of his incumbency is to be found in local annals. He spent some time in New York City and Philadelphia, and sojourned in Newport, Rhode Island (March–July 1773), as the guest of the community. Though not connected with the congregation, he often officiated at divine service, preaching in Spanish.
Raphael Hayyim Isaac Carregal Stiles describes Carigal at the March, 1773 Purim service at the Newport synagogue as