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lumezzane    0.922919

pistoiese    0.904896

sambenedettese    0.901195

valenzana    0.901127

pergocrema    0.900553

ternana    0.897576

sangiovannese    0.891951

reggiana    0.882491

lanciano    0.879960

nocerina    0.878618

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Carrarese Calcio Italian international and Juventus goalkeeper Gianluigi Buffon (a native of Carrara and prominent supporter of the club) was a major shareholder of the club, as part of a consortium that acquired the club in 2010; other shareholders include former Pisa Calcio chairman Maurizio Mian and long-time Serie A striker Cristiano Lucarelli.
Carrarese Calcio In 2016 Carrarese Calcio S.r.l. went bankrupted. A new company Carrarese Calcio 1908 S.r.l., successfully bid the sports title by refurbished the debt of Carrarese Calcio S.r.l..
Carrarese Calcio Carrarese Calcio 1908 S.r.l. is an Italian association football club, based in Carrara, Tuscany. Carrarese currently plays in Lega Pro, having last been in Serie B in 1948.
Carrarese Calcio In the season 2010–11 from Lega Pro Seconda Divisione group B, Carrarese was promoted in the play-off to Lega Pro Prima Divisione.
Sacha Cori On 12 July 2011 Carrarese signed him in co-ownership deal for a peppercorn of €500 Carrarese also borrowed Elia Ballardini from Cesena.
Matteo Gentili On 14 February 2017 Gentili was signed by Carrarese.
Dario Venitucci After the bankruptcy of Foggia, he joined Carrarese Calcio.
Francesco Dettori In January 2013 Dettori joined Perugia for free. On 22 August he was signed by Carrarese in a 1-year contract. His contract was extended during the season. However, on 20 July 2014 Dettori was released by Carrarese again.
Simone Malatesta On 31 August 2012 he was signed by Carrarese along with Nicolò Belotti.
Michele Castagnetti In January 2014 he returns in "Prima Divisione" signing for Carrarese Calcio