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lepturus    0.888950

trichiurus    0.888261

microlepis    0.878840

boulengeri    0.876706

pareas    0.871622

schaeferi    0.871405

celebensis    0.870184

nemorhaedus    0.870044

brachyura    0.870016

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Ostorhinchus capricornis Ostorhinchus capricornis, also known as the Capricorn cardinalfish, is a fish that lives in the oceans on the Western side of Australia. The black spot, slightly smaller than the pupil, is centred on the rear fin. Bright blue lines are located on the head, the lower of the two extends a little past the end of the eye. The color of the Ostorhinchus capricornis is a yellowish on the top, and a golden color on the bottom.
Coleophora capricornis Coleophora capricornis is a moth of the family Coleophoridae. It is found in Namibia.
Ostorhinchus capricornis Its habitat is reef associated, marine waters, at a depth of 2-15 meters with a temperature range of range 23-26(°C).
Ostorhinchus capricornis Its diet consists of zooplankton and small benthic invertebrates.
Japanese serow Phylogenetically "Capricornis" is closer to goats and sheep than cattle. The nomenclature and status of "Capricornis" taxa are not completely resolved. Some researchers have considered "Capricornis" a junior synonym of "Naemorhedus", a classification that includes gorals; molecular analysis has not supported this classification. "Capricornis" has a lower canine, which "Naemorhedus" species usually do not.