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Campanilleros A campanillero () is a flamenco "cante" or song form. It is in couplets of six verses. It has its origin in sacred songs of Andalusia which were chanted during the early morning procession known as "Rosario de la Aurora".
Campanilleros The oldest extant examples of this song form are those of Manuel Torre. The most popular of these is "La Niña de la Puebla" ("The Village Child"). Other composers were Juan Varea, and El Agujeta.
Campanilleros Today, these songs are sung by José Mercé and José Menese, among others.
Palo (flamenco) Flamenco singers often sing several types of folkloric songs, lending them flamenco musical features. Most of these songs are often not considered, properly speaking, as flamenco, although they have long been incorporated to the repertoire of flamenco artists. They include palos such as sevillanas, nanas ("lullabies"), bambera, zambras, zorongo or campanilleros.
Manuel del Águila With respect to musical compositions, he was a composer of numerous folkloric pieces. Noteworthy are "Peteneras de la orilla" (Peteneras from the shore), " Zorongo de la Luna" (the Zorongo of the Moon), "Campanilleros de Cabo de Gata" (Bellmen from Cabo de Gata) and "Si vas pa la mar" (If you go by the sea), made famous by Manolo Escobar. The Emilio Carrion Chamber Choir recorded the CD "Concierto Homenaje a Manuel del Águila" (Tribute Concert to Manuel del Aguila) in 2004, with polyphonic versions of several of his songs, some of them unpublished. He also wrote the lyrics for the "Fandanguillo de Almeria".