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Federal Central Tax Office Beginning in July 2007, the BZSt began issuing a unique National identification number to every resident, replacing the formerly decentralized system. The BZSt also operates informational databases relating to the local tax offices.
Taxation in Germany As a result of discussions in 2006 and 2009 between Federation and States ("Föderalismusreform") the Federation will further on also administer some taxes. The competent authority is the Federal Central Tax Office (, abbreviated: "BZSt") which is also competent authority for certain applications of tax refund from abroad. Since 2009, the BZSt allocates an identification number for tax purposes to every taxable person.
Federal Central Tax Office The Federal Central Tax Office (, abbreviated BZSt) is a German federal agency responsible for administering various sections of the country's tax code. It was created out of its current parent agency, the Federal Ministry of Finance, on 1 January 2006 and has approximately 1,350 employees.
Bettina Kudla In parliament, Kudla is a member of the Finance Committee and the Budget Committee’s Sub-Committee on European Union Affairs. On the Finance Committee, she is her parliamentary group’s rapporteur on all issues related to the Federal Central Tax Office (BZSt) and tax advisors.
Atlas (appliance company) In 2001, the Minsk Refrigerator Plant began producing refrigerated cabinets with glass doors (such as are used in stores to cool and display soda bottles and so forth). Also in 2001, the Baranovichi Plant delivered its first production batch of equipment for plastics processing - the BZST 125/250 injection molding models - and produced its ten millionth compressor. And in the same year, the Republic of Belarus issued the Minsk Refrigerator Plant a certificate of compliance with the ISO 14001-2000 environmental management standard and confirmed the previously issued ISO 9001-96 certificate.