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familiarizing_himself    0.610354

acquainting_himself    0.606805

unacquainted    0.589321

familiarized_himself    0.588297

familiarised_himself    0.563424

toying    0.557142

parallel_latin_vulgate    0.548809

contenting_himself    0.548009

comports    0.546663

intimately_familiar    0.545812

Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for busying_himself

Article Example
Rescue from Gilligan's Island The Professor is trying to get back into research and is busying himself in his college lab conducting experiments. After a series of encounters with college cheerleaders, another faculty member and the college dean, the Professor signs the insurance statement.
Wilhelm Weiss Already by 1919, Weiss had been busying himself as a member of the state leadership of the Bavarian Inhabitants' Defence ("Einwohnerwehr"), through which he was appointed editor of the magazine "Heimatland" (Homeland), a publication with strongly Nazi leanings.
Albert Krebs Krebs had been busying himself in the youth movement even before the war. Furthermore, during his studies, he was in the "Gildenschaft" (a "Studentenverbindung" umbrella group) and in the Freikorps "von Epp" and "Oberland".
Eugen Bolz After being released from the concentration camp, Bolz moved back to Beuron, near Ulm. There, he forswore politics for a while, busying himself mainly with economic issues, papal social encyclicals, and Catholic Action. During this time of involuntary retirement, he sometimes did work as a tax advisor, and he always knew that the Gestapo were watching him.
Characters of Porridge (TV series) Although he is a trusted friend and confidant of Fletcher's, he seldom becomes directly involved in his schemes, preferring instead to spend his association time observing the latest goings-on whilst busying himself with his latest knitting projects. He works in the kitchens alongside Lennie Godber and is an enthusiastic if notoriously untalented cook (although it was said that he did make good pasties).
Pierre de Chaignon la Rose He taught at Harvard in the English department for seven years following his graduation, resigning his teaching post in 1902. By 1915, La Rose would describe his occupation as a "man of letters", busying himself with critical literary work and graphic design while making trips to Europe, Mexico, and Turkey.
Chato's Land In a valley, Chato spies a woman filling a water jug. As they smile at each other, it becomes clear that she is his wife. He greets his son and gives him the rattlesnake toy from his pocket. They enter Chato's hogan, happy to be reunited. Chato resumes his normal life, busying himself with breaking horses during the day.
Wickedness As characterized by Martin Buber in his 1952 work "Bilder von Gut und Böse" (translated as "Good and Evil: Two Interpretations"), "The first stage of evil is 'sin,' occasional directionlessness. Endless possibility can be overwhelming, leading man to grasp at anything, distracting and busying himself, in order to not have to make a real, committed choice. The second stage of evil is 'wickedness,' when caprice is embraced as a deformed substitute for genuine will and becomes characteristic." Wickedness connotes blameworthiness.
Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva Lula refused to run for re-election as a Congressman in 1990, busying himself with expanding the Workers' Party organizations around the country. As the political scene in the 1990s came under the sway of the Brazilian real monetary stabilization plan, which ended decades of rampant inflation, former Minister of Finance Fernando Henrique Cardoso (Brazilian Social Democracy Party (PSDB)) defeated Lula in 1994 and again, by an even wider margin, in 1998.
Toby Jepson Jepson spent a long while out of the spotlight, during which time he moved to Bristol. He earned a living working as a supporting actor on various productions (including "Gladiator", "Sleepy Hollow", "The Visitors", "Angela's Ashes", "Highlander:End Game" and Steven Spielberg's "Band of Brothers" amongst others) and busying himself with various projects - including writing and recording, although he was not releasing records at the time.