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gersdorf    0.899300

bisingen    0.888250

stadtlengsfeld    0.887284

treffurt    0.886661

gomadingen    0.886281

schrozberg    0.886144

trochtelfingen    0.885260

freystadt    0.883330

rastenberg    0.883151

volkach    0.882424

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Article Example
Burladingen In the evening of 2 June 2008, three women drowned in the Starzel following heavy rainfalls and disastrous flooding. English language news reports attempted to give the story a bit of drama by misleadingly referring to the Killertal as the "Killer Valley" (the "Killer" in "Killertal" in fact coming from the name of the nearby village).
Burladingen The European Watershed between Black Sea and North Sea runs through the area. River Fehla () is a tributary to River Lauchert (), which is a tributary to River Danube.
Burladingen The 14 km long Killertal valley is named after the village of Killer, as the church parish was located there. The river in the valley is the Starzel (), a tributary to the Neckar in Baden-Württemberg.
Burladingen Burladingen is the seat of Germanys biggest T-shirt and tennis clothing manufacturer Trigema. It is the only clothing enterprise left in the city, although Burladingen was a centre of textile industry in Germany.
Burladingen Burladingen is a town in the Zollernalbkreis district, in Baden-Württemberg, Germany. It is situated 24 km southwest of Reutlingen.
Sonnenbühl Pfullingen, Lichtenstein, Engstingen, Trochtelfingen, Burladingen¹, Mössingen² and Reutlingen.
Kissin’ Dynamite Kissin’ Dynamite is a German heavy metal band from Burladingen and Münsingen, consisting of five members.
Gammertingen Pfronstetten (Reutlingen (district)) Langenenslingen ( Biberach (district)) Hettingen, Neufra, Burladingen (Zollernalbkreis), Trochtelfingen (Reutlingen (district)).
Sheep–goat hybrid Also in April 2014, a naturally conceived and healthy geep was born in Burladingen-Starzeln in Zollernalbkreis, Germany.
Neufra Neighboring towns and villages include Bitz in the West; Burladingen and Gauselfingen in the northwest; Gammertingen and Bronnen to the north and east; Hettingen in the southeast; Veringenstadt to the south; and Harthausen auf der Scher in the southwest.