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Ab Asturica Burdigalam The Antonine Itinerary mentions that it ran through "Pallantia" (Palencia), the pass of Vindeleia, Veleia, Pompaelo (Pamplona), Iturissa (Aurizberri) and the "Summo Pyreneo" (Roncevaux pass), among other places.
Ab Asturica Burdigalam Ab Asturica Burdigalam was a Roman road that linked the towns of "Asturica Augusta" (modern Astorga) in Gallaecia and "Burdigala" (modern Bordeaux) in Aquitania.
Ab Asturica Burdigalam In medieval times it would be largely replaced by the Way of St. James that, while coincident in some parts with the Roman road, it goes further south between Pamplona and Astorga.
Ab Asturica Burdigalam This route was probably followed by the Vandals, Alans and Suebi when they invaded Hispania in the 5th century, and with certainty by Charlemagne and other less famed Frankish expeditions against Pamplona. The Basque section of the road was still in use when Napoleon invaded Spain between 1808 and 1814 and was known for a time as the "Route of Napoleon".
Iruña-Veleia Veleia was a Roman town in Hispania, now located in the Basque Country, Spain. The site is located in the municipality of Iruña de Oca, 10 kilometers west of Vitoria. The town was an important station on the Roman road "ab Asturica Burdigalam" that ran parallel to the coast of the Bay of Biscay. At its apogee, the city could have been inhabited by some five to ten thousand people, and apparently went through different cycles of prosperity and decline into the Early Middle Ages until it was abandoned definitely.