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bronchoscopy    0.755857

esophagoscopy    0.729924

ecrp    0.709968

colonoscopic    0.704104

thoracentesis    0.703609

rectoscopy    0.700752

bronchoscopic    0.690071

proctoscopy    0.689480

endoscopies    0.688042

bronchoscopies    0.687026

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Bronchography Bronchography is a radiological technique, which involves x-raying the respiratory tree after coating the airways with contrast. Bronchography is rarely performed, as it has been made obsolete with improvements in computed tomography and bronchoscopy.
Raman Viswanathan Viswanathan was credited with pioneering research in bronchopulmonary diseases and was reported to be the first researcher to propose tropical eosinophilia as a distinct clinical entity in 1936. His studies of autopsy reports of the patients died of tropical eosinophilia helped to define the pathology of the disease for the first time and established "positive leucocyte adhesion phenomenon with M. bancrofit". He developed a novel bronchography technique and made innovations in tomography procedures. His researches also covered several other diseases such as cerebral malaria, basal tuberculosis, lung atelectasis, bronchiectasis, emphysema, bagassosis, byssinosis, and high altitude pulmonary oedema, among others. He published seven books which included "Pulmonary Tuberculosis", "Diseases of the Chest", "Medical Problems of Old Age" and more than 230 medical articles in peer reviewed journals, "Epidemiology", "Infectious hepatitis in Delhi (1955-56): a critical study-epidemiology" and "A review of the literature on the epidemiology of infectious hepatitis" being some of the notable ones; his articles and books have been cited in several medical journals and text books, too. He also founded a medical journal, the "Indian Journal of Chest Diseases and Allied Sciences" (IJCDAS) in 1959 as the publishing arm of Vallabhbhai Patel Chest Institute.