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burladingen    0.875022

gersdorf    0.873792

obererbach    0.859150

neusorg    0.858463

wilhelmsdorf    0.856849

geisingen    0.856685

wartburgkreis    0.855667

alsbach    0.854286

stadtlengsfeld    0.852444

gomadingen    0.851387

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Article Example
Brensbach The municipal election held on 26 March 2006 yielded the following results:
Brensbach The community’s arms bear three charges on a white (silver) background: in the foot of the escutcheon are some blue waves, above which is a red fire, over which is an arc of five six-pointed stars. The arms are canting, suggesting the community’s name: the verb "brennen" means “burn” in German, and "Bach" means “brook”. According to legend, the namesake brook, when seen under starlight, looked as though it might be burning. Likelier, though, it looked so at sunset rather than at night, since stars would not be bright enough to produce such an effect.
Brensbach The community of Brensbach has maintained a partnership arrangement since 1978 with the French community of Ézy-sur-Eure in the Eure department in Haute-Normandie.
Brensbach Brensbach lies in the northern Odenwald in the Gersprenz valley
Brensbach Brensbach’s "Ortsteile" are Affhöllerbach, Bierbach, Brensbach, Hippelsbach, Höllerbach, Kilsbach, Mummenroth, Nieder-Kainsbach, Stierbach, Wallbach and Wersau.