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wilhelmsdorf    0.872546

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hainichen    0.867856

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Breitenbrunn, Saxony The community consists of Breitenbrunn with Breitenhof, Carolathal, Halbemeile and Rabenberg, Antonsthal with Antonshöhe, Erlabrunn, Steinheidel and Fällbach as well as Rittersgrün and Tellerhäuser.
Breitenbrunn, Saxony As the highest village in the lordly domain of Schwarzenberg, Breitenbrunn was likely founded only in the 13th century. With the help of vast meadows and sites it can be ascertained that no more than ten families settled here at first. The village had its first documentary mention as “breitinprun” in 1380 in a chronicle of the mountain counts of Leisnig when the mining rights for a tin mine had just been granted. Even before Breitenbrunn’s founding there was over the site of the later settlement a wall with a watchtower, a moat and a small outer defence to defend the Schwarzenberg lordly domain at its southernmost point. Since a spring was found within the moat, the moat was called a “broad spring”, or "breiten Brunnen" in German, and soon this description was taken up as the place’s name.
Breitenbrunn, Saxony Breitenbrunn lies on a mountain ridge stretching from the Schwarzwasser Valley on east. It is surrounded by, among other mountains, the Rabenberg and the Sauberg.
Breitenbrunn, Saxony Of special historic importance is the Breitenbrunn Papermill found in the town, from which, among others, Johann Sebastian Bach got his notepaper.
Breitenbrunn, Saxony The village at last got its ecclesiastical independence in 1559, in which same year St. Christopher’s Church ("St.-Christophorus-Kirche") was built. Chosen as the location was the village’s upper end to make the walk for churchgoers from the neighbouring, parochially united community of Rittersgrün somewhat easier, especially in the winter months.