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bupz    0.808037

bupzh    0.669512

dmpz    0.634352

bipy    0.621157

bpy    0.616424

bucn    0.609429

chchcph    0.601656

ruchph    0.591396

ohipt    0.589533

dppzh    0.585845

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Roy A. Periana Periana has demonstrated several working examples of molecular catalysts based on electrophilic CH activation (generates positive charge on the C during CH cleavage) that operate in sulfuric acid (HSO) to convert methane to methyl bisulfate, the sulfate ester of methanol in high yield and selectivity. The two most prominent examples of this work involved the use of Hg(II) cations or a Pt(bpym)Cl complex. In addition to increasing the rate at which the CH bond is cleaved central to the success of this approach has been the use of the acid solvent to both activate the catalyst as well as “protect” the alcohol product through protonation reactions.