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Uslar The municipality of Uslar consists of 19 towns and villages: Ahlbershausen, Allershausen, Bollensen, Delliehausen, Dinkelhausen, Eschershausen, Fürstenhagen, Gierswalde, Kammerborn, Offensen, Schlarpe, Schönhagen, Schöningen, Sohlingen, Uslar, Vahle, Verliehausen, Volpriehausen and Wiensen.
Solling Railway After Bodenfelde station the line finally leaves the Weser valley and then runs through the Schwülme valley. Just after Bodenfelde station, the Solling Railway and the Göttingen–Bodenfelde line separate and run parallel to Vernawahlshausen station, crossing the Hesse/Lower Saxony border three times (twice while crossing the Schwülme). Until 1976 it was possible to change between the lines in Vernawahlshausen, but now only trains on the line to/from Göttingen stop there. From there the line runs until the end of the line in the district of Northeim. In Gut Steimke, before Uslar, it crosses the Ahle river on a high viaduct. From Uslar-Allershausen until after Uslar-Bollensen the line again runs on a high embankment. The Solling line climbs along the southern slope of the Rehbach valley through Uslar and Volpriehausen stations to Ertinghäusen (Bollert) tunnel, the highest point of the track (259 m above sea level), with gradients of up to 1.14%, and then runs down the Leine valley passing through Hardegsen on a gradient of up to 1.27%. In Hardegsen it passes through another deep cutting. After Berwartshausen the Solling line crosses the A 7 autobahn, running between Hanover and Kassel. Before Northeim it runs on an embankment and crosses the Leine river, the Hanover–Würzburg high-speed line and the North–South railway (Hanoverian Southern Railway). In Northeim, it ends at the 63.951 km mark.