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Article Example
Bollate Bollate borders the following municipalities: Paderno Dugnano, Senago, Garbagnate Milanese, Arese, Cormano, Novate Milanese, Baranzate, Milan.
Bollate Bollate is a "comune" (municipality) in the Metropolitan City of Milan in the Italian region Lombardy, located about northwest of Milan.
Bollate Bollate received the honorary title of city with a presidential decree on October 11, 1984.
Bollate It is served by Bollate Centro railway station and Bollate Nord railway station. Sights include the historical Villa Arconati.
Villa Arconati, Bollate The gardens were restructured in 1621. Construction on the site continued after 1648 under his grandson, the Count Luigi Maria Arconati and in 1671 under his great-grandson Giuseppe Maria Arconati. In 1718, Giuseppe Antonio Arconati, grandson of Giuseppe Maria, inherits the palace. In 1742, the architect Giovanni Ruggeri, was employed in embellishments and expansions. The Galliari brothers: Bernardino, Fabrizio and Giovanni Antonio, were employed in the fresco decoration of the interior of the villa.
Villa Arconati, Bollate After 1772, the palace passed on to the Busca family, who commissioned further works including the trompe l’oeil frescoes in the entrance stairwell, attributed to Giocondo Albertolli. During the 20th century, the villa was inherited by the Marchesa Beatrice Crivelli. The Villa has recently been purchased by the società Palladium and others, and since 2011 hosts the Fondazione Augusto Rancilio, which seeks to maintain and restore the site, and foster its use. The villa is also now part of a network of Ville Gentilizie Lombarde, a project of the Region of Lombardy, supported by the Fondazione Cariplo. The Ville Gentilizie Lombarde sponsors a project integrated project both in terms of the strategies of recovery and management of this heritage, and its use by the public through guided visits, educational programs and events.
Bollate Centro railway station Bollate Centro railway station is a railway station in Italy. Located in the Milan–Saronno railway, it serves the centre of the town of Bollate. The station is located on Piazza Carlo Marx.
Bollate Nord railway station The station is served by the lines S1 and S3 of the Milan suburban railway service, operated by the lombard railway company Trenord.
Bollate Nord railway station Bollate Nord railway station is a railway station in Italy. It is part of the Milan–Saronno railway and is located in Via Vittorio Veneto, serving the northern part of the town of Bollate.
Villa Arconati, Bollate A medieval castle existed at the site, hence the name "Castellazzo". That castle was acquired in 1610 by Galeazzo Arconati, cousin of Cardinal Federico Borromeo. Galeazzo was a patron of the arts, and served as the rector of the "Fabbrica del Duomo of Milan". Under Galeazzo's ownership the castle-palace on the site was reconstructed and refurbished. It was also Galeazzo who, during the year 1621 brought to the structure his collection of ancient Roman sculpture, including a standing statue said to be Pompey the Great, but also the remaining fragments of the Renaissance style "Funereal Monument of Gaston of Foix, Duke of Nemours" (died 1512) by Agostino Busi. Galeazzo was also at one time owner of the Codex Atlanticus of Leonardo da Vinci.